Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grabbing Life

There is one spot in this house that belongs to me.
It is my kingdom within a kingdom, complete with royal throne.

Someone discovered my throne and its charms today.
I am not keen to share it. Its mine, and to remain available to ME at all times!
And yet...

Some bits of life are just too short not to grab hold of when they arrive.

I remember being three and a half and making the same discovery at my Grama's house.
Grama and Grandpa had a bar counter between their kitchen and living room. There sat a row of four Olive Green vinyl, wonderfully tall swivel chairs.
They turned.
And turned.
Back and forth, round and round... it was exhilarating fun - this indoor "ride".

Grama used to tell us sweetly not to "spin the chairs please" though that lasted for short periods of time. Grampa muttered something about destroying the sides of the chairs as they buffeted the Formica counter with every turn.

I have now a better understanding of the science there. Those chairs will never be the same, and my desk bears some scars as well.

My Grampa was a wise man. He knew we children must be discouraged from being recklessly hard on things.

My Grama was a wise woman. She let us live a little - even at the expense of her home's furnishings. She must have averted her eyes and turned her head a number of times.
I think she knew that some bits of life are just to short.

And they are.


Pam said...

So cute! Your sense of humor is a gift from God to encourage all the lives in your sphere. A breath of fresh air to the wear souls everywhere!

Now go to your chair, and spin!

Pam said...

oops, I meant "weary"!

Shauna said...

Ah, yes, Gran's house had a marvelous backless swivel chair. It was the first place we would all run after the obligatory hug at the door. Sometimes all five of us would try to cram on there for a ride. Even today I can't see a chair like it without getting a bit of that giddy feeling. The best part? Gran encouraged it. Seems he knew how fast time flies too.

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