Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aloria gets ready to launch

Aloria is 14 and a half months old.

I don't have early walkers.  My earliest walked at 12 months,
my latest at 21 months, and everyone else was somewhere in between.

Recently it crossed my mind that she hadn't braved any steps yet;
and I wondered if I were neglecting my motherly duty.

Should I be offering my fingers for her to grip as we do laps
across the living room?  Should I be enticing her to with a toy,
to veer from the safe comfort of the coffee table?

Then I remembered..

Each one is unique, and they are ready when they are ready.

This week Aloria decided she was ready to gain a little confidence.

She chose this blue pillow as her aid as she practiced her stance.

I thought her choice of launching platform... unusual.  But after watching her
for a while,  and then getting out the camera to catch her for posterity... became clear why she had better forethought than I.

So thank you brother.
Because of you, your little sister will be one tough petunia.

And I bet her balance is especially keen when she finally takes those first steps!


Tracy said...

I love, Love, LOVE all the children cheering her on!! Precious!! <3

Tracy L. in CA :-)

Sally said...

Fun to see how excited she was to stand on her own...and no yelps of fear (or even outrage) when Brother "helped" her onto the cushion! Love the clips you attach to your blog posts for events like this, Ana!

Sally said...

P.S. Can't wait to see her "dance moves" once she is really balanced on her feet...will need another video clip of that!!! :o)

Cinnamon said...

Aww such brotherly love ♥ She is adorable. ADORABLE! You are so right. They all move in their own time and find their own sweet groove.

The more children I have I find that I just need to enjoy where this little one is at because when this season is's gone.

Enjoy your hoodlums Momma Bug, they are so very precious!


SarahS said...

How precious! I love all the cheering in the background ♥