Monday, July 9, 2012

Bright Summer days

Taking my breath away,

and captivating all my senses,

the Lord's favor, His glorious creation and good gifts

are filling all the moments

and I am trying to live

fully in them

to His glory.

It seems there are more minutes to live, than there are for writing about it afterward.
I think that's a good way to have it.

It feels like our summer has just started in the last two weeks as the heat finally turned up.
We've had friends from out of town, the installation of a new toy at Marvel Hill
(which is often in use as soon as the sun dawns), all meals eaten on the deck, and days of true
summer vacation with Gramsie and Pops.  Zachary's 11th birthday was a special event which included
a surprise visit from long-lost cousins, and more sugar than all the rest of the years capacity combined!

I've taken more pictures than perfectly reasonable, but I can't help it - the light - it dances, it sings,
it whispers to me and I click away.
It's my hobby as I sit beside the ones who aren't proficient swimmers.  I am not the one in the boat.
AJ and I, we trade sentinel duty and each get in a dip before we leave for home.  There is nothing like
that deep cool of wet suites and wet hair and the tingly feeling from a bit too much sun.  It makes for
perfect nights with all the windows open, and dropping off to sleep on top of the covers exhausted
by heat, and cool, and hard play.

Mostly I am overwhelmed by how the days are precious memories-in-the-making for me
and for my children.  And we are making them. Memories by the dozens, and I wonder how
the stories will be told one day from their perspective versus mine.

I think my face will hurt from smiling.


Marie said...

As always....a BEAUTIFUL post !!! Thank you for sharing all those sweet moments :)

Jess said...

Loving you from here as I sit in my flannel PJs by the fire. You are always in my prayers and heart. Love you friend.

Sally said...

You know, I don't think I have ever seen more beautiful light than at Bloom Lake. So wonderful to have that blessing so close to your home! We enjoyed every moment of your ID summer too! Your own...--m

Julia said...

oh what beautiful photos and memories! Your family is so precious..Happy Birthday to your young man!

Diane said...

Love you friend. Looks like fun memories and a delightful summer ahead!