Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And the Cousins Came

These cousins who live and breath Idaho with us,
who moved to Nevada for a time.
They came for a very quick and memorable four days
surprising Zachary and all my hoodlums.
We celebrated a birthday
and generally, being together again.

We tie dyed T-shirts.

Partied with neighbors.

Oops.  I forgot that I handed Aloria off to Uncle Charlie.
I don't think he minds.
And obviously, neither does she.

For several days I woke to the whining hum of the zip line, as the early rising monkey's hit it hard.
Coffee with chocolate and whipped cream, omelets, salads for lunch, late night dinner dates with
our brother and sis, visiting to all hours of the night after small cousins drift off to sleep.
Fireworks, Huckleberries, picking flowers and herbs, splashing in the trough kiddie pool.
And the lake - our little mountain slice of heaven. We lived that experience together too :-)

This one is especially for Grama.  Do you recognize this dress?  It used to be yours.

This one is especially for you Grampa.  Such big boys these fellows are: Judah, Clay, and Zachary.
I asked Judah if he caught any fish.  He told me no, and told me he didn't get a chance to fish.
When I asked him why not, I nearly died at his reply:

"Well... Zachary kept catching fish, so he didn't want to share his pole.
And Clayton didn't catch any at all.  He was sure he was going to though, 
 and didn't want to share his pole either."

I'm missing the thunder of many feet rumbling across the porch as meals were announced.
I'm missing the complete count of 11 rainbow colored shirts so easy to spot in the forest.
I'm missing coffee and whipped cream together on the porch.
I'm missing you each.

And I sure am glad you came!


Cinnamon said...

Love your description of the kiddos...'thunder of many rumbling feet" Too sweet!

And those tie dyed shirt - great idea!! Love all your creativity~

Aloria - oh my!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Missing you!! Wishing I was coming to visit and listening the zip line each morning :-)

One day perhaps~

~hugs to you this morning~


Shauna said...

Oh 'Lene, FAMILY! What a delight! It thrills me to see you all together again.
Love you, me

SarahS said...

How wonderful!! Sounds like you all are having an amazing summer :)

Momma Bug said...

I think it would be nice if you could join us sometime Shauna, but until then, know you are thought of and missed :-)

Thinking of you often,

JMB Ranch said...

Oh Momma Bug your home site is soooo beautiful. I know how it feels to look out over the land and be in awe of God's beauty. Enjoy and I know you do.
Keep the pictures coming, they are just breath taking.