Sunday, July 15, 2012

One World to Conquer... Check.

"Enjoy it"  He said with a chuckle "It's gone so quickly."

He, is my other dad - the one I caught when I married AJ.
And he raised three boys, so he knows.

I think I was rolling my eyes at the childish antics and goofy laughs
of my boys who are becoming aware of how wonderfully witty they are.

Who's minds are opening to the possibility that there are fewer boundaries
than they thought, and more worlds to conquer than they imagined.

They are growing into solo fishing trips which take them further down stream,
and the privilege of piloting their own canoe on the lake.
Of staying up later than the rest,
and sipping coffee now and then.
They invent things,
then build them,
then try them out.

They are sure their ideas have never been thought of,
and that there's a better way to do everything,
and limitations exist only in the lack of funds.

Remember the exhilaration of those first freedoms?
Remember how simple life was?

I sure appreciate the words of a dad who knows how fast it really goes.
Perhaps he's enjoying it even more this time around, but I want to
be sure and heed his wisdom:

"Enjoy it... enjoy them!  It's gone so quickly."

This  picture story is about Clayton and the launching of his "second watercraft".
As you can see, it attracted every other boy at the lake.  There is a built-in
need to conquer, and all boys recognize it's call.

I'm pretty certain that this kind of thing
is at the beginning of every great man.


Diane said...

I love it. So fun. You really could write a series of children adventure books. :) the stories your kids will have to tell when they grow up are incredible. Love the memories you are forging.

I love you friend. Miss you!

Sally said...

That is a great raft! Congratulations, Clay...loved being able to see it after hearing about it yesterday!

Loveyou, GZ

Cinnamon said...

That was so beautiful. I loved every word. And so your are my friend, enjoying every moment :-)

But I think *I* might enjoy it more if I saw a picture of YOU out there on that wonderful watercrafty invention :-) haha!


Momma Bug said...


You know what? I bet Clay would LOVE that! Maybe I'll oblige. We'll see. He's been in a "watercraft" building kick lately and it's a different one every trip to the lake.
Maybe I'll hitch a ride next time and have the dad take a picture for you :-)

Hugs to you friend!

And you too Diane :-)

SarahS said...

How precious these dear boys are! And your words are lovely as always dear friend :) Love, love, love Clayton's watercraft!! Marvelous :D

Julia said...

WTG Clayton...gotta love an adventurer, a dreamer and leader!

Marie said...

Love the've got yourself an inventor there !!! Always love your posts :)