Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Log Cabin grows... a wee bit.

Last year, a couple ambitious Visionaries started a project here at Marvel Hill:
The building of a Log Cabin tucked cozily into a low small clearing near a bent-over
apple tree, and next to a trickle of water where frogs hide.

It's a project for fun (if you call getting sawdust down your sweaty neck and working
in the hot sun lifting heavy tools "fun".  I don't, but I like watching it for fun!), but even
fun projects need to see progress and eventually (dare I dream?) be completed.
This couple days can be called "baby steps" to that end.

The best part of all this, in my opinion, is getting to yack with a friend I only get to see
once a year, while life-guarding children, sipping cold tea, and taking lots of pictures :-)
I'm so glad it's my job to make dinner for a hoard of people and I'm not expected to get
sawdust down my neck!  Life is good. 

A few pictures from the day for your viewing pleasure.  And if you want to check out
last years Cabin proceedings, click here.

Hot, sweaty work should always be followed by a trip to the lake and some play!

That folks, is a brave man in that canoe.
If you thought heaving a log over his head with ropes was risky... ;-)


Cinnamon said...

I remember reading last years log building fun and am so glad to see the fun is continuing on this year. And you got to visit with a friend!! That's fun!

Love the pictures and the kids playing. But where was Momma Bug? And little Aloria? We need pictures of those two sweeties too y'know :-)

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Diane said...

Exciting to see evidence of hard work. Is it a goal to finish this summer?

Missing you!

Momma Bug said...

Diane, It's someones goal, but no. It won't get finished this summer.
If we can get a roof on before the winter that would be good!

Cinnamon ~ I guess I'll have to had the camera off to someone else :-)

Hugs to you both!