Friday, March 7, 2008


You thought this was a new meme... It's not. Or, maybe it is?! Fried Egg Friday was coined by Clayton Praise when he asked if we could make "fried eggs for breakfast on Friday's since they both have fri in them"!
I was hooked!
Fried Egg Friday has come to signify that Fridays are a little more special than the other four school days.
On Fridays we don't eat Oatmeal for breakfast.
On Fridays we use a little creativity and learn or study whatever floats our boat on a whim.
On Fridays (as of today!!) Dad is home for a three day weekend! (I will translate this to mean "HELP!" for this 'ol mom) Yipee!!
On Friday evenings we make Pizza and have family play-time (a tradition which involves games, and maybe a movie for the mom and dad, and Uncle Love Bugs)

We're a little new at this Fried Egg day, but I like it because it feels special. We're going to try and make it so!

You want to know what we did on THIS Friday? I'm afraid today isn't one of our better examples, but I think it's about to improve...
The Daddy Bug has rescued me from the dinner chore this evening! Then... PAR-TAY!!

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I love it!
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