Sunday, January 13, 2013

For the Dad of Our Family

Dear Dad of my Children (My Own dearly Beloved),

Your kids are very creative.  You may have picked up on that by now, but they sure have it in them!

Thank you for facilitating their imaginations and their fancy, by providing such a wonderful wood shop.
As you'll see below, Number One was inspired to organize the workbench you built!
(Well Done Number One!) Thank you for making that workbench a priority over the top of a long
list of projects to be done.
You are the best!

Clay built one robot this morning and before long, he had a very colorful gathering of friendly and
sociable robots.  I love them.  I love the colors.  I love your Clayton.

Do you see what Z did with the wheels your ordered?  He built two different rolling toys.
Bryce took them both to bed.

Here's a picture of The Robot Dogs Clayton imagined up. My bookcase in the
living room is starting to resemble a Toy Store! :-)

The picture below it?  Some votive candle holders Zachary made and is sharing with me :-)

Now.  Here is our latest acquisition: 3 Goldfish.
Did you know you approved of their purchase?  You did it when you married me
and made me the mom of these hoodlums.  I hope you don't regret it ;-)

At 27 cents apiece, why not seven fish - one for each child?
Because I don't want to hear a sob-story about who's fish just died.
Let's make sure the victim belongs to everyone equally.
I may be a pessimist, but I think I'm setting myself up for success.

Not so sure about the fish.

Finally, a bit of my own creativity.  This sign is a knock-off of someone else's creation, but I'm happy with
my spin.  It was great to have Zacks help cutting this and nailing that, finding me the right screws and
retrieving the ladder... I practically made this sign from cedar fence boards all by myself!
What would I do without an 11 year-old son?

So again, dear Dad...(My own Love), thank you for being such a man.  Thank you for blessing this crew
with opportunities to explore and create.  Thank you for providing the resources.

Thanks for these pretty amazing kids.
I like 'em a lot.



Diane said...

I love your life! So fun. Loving that sign too. If only I were close enough to have you make ME one. ;)

Sally said...

Wow--what great cars and robots! I can see why Bryce wanted to take a couple of those cars to bed!!! And the robot dogs have SO much personality! Love you all...--m

Cinnamon said...

So sweet! I love your sign, the kids creativity (gee i wonder where they get it?) haha! Those robots are perfect :-)

Aren't we blessed?!

Thinking I have a minute to chat but a minute isn't long enough. I'll be on the look out for a few more minutes to chat soon

~hugs~ Cinnamon