Saturday, January 12, 2013

Were it so simple.

This pregnancy has been another "boringly normal" one.
One thing considerably notable is how much of a mover this little person is.
Moving-moving all the time!
I have been sleeping great lately, but I admit I am ready to meet
he or she and cuddle some sweet baby skin up next to my cheek.

I must look ready.  I keep getting asked "how much longer" I have.
When I answer two months, eyebrows shoot up.
Today when I was grilled, I was told for the second time that I
"look ready to pop"

What do you say to that.


Thankfully I am not feeling especially sensitive or vulnerable this time
around, so I tend to take these commentaries in stride.  Smiling, I answer
that "I feel ready to pop".

((And were it so simple to get a baby out as "popping"))

Usually, strangers who like to yak about my pregnant state also want to know 
if this is my first.

"Nooo...." I say slowly "I have some others."

Often this is not the end of our conversation, even as I have signed my receipt
and am trying to edge toward a door.
But I'm selective about who I tell just how many "some more" adds up to.

It can be fun to see the reactions, but it can also put people on the spot.

All in all, I can't believe how many positive looks, responses, and comments
I get when I take the crew out with me.

The Lord's favor is richly over my daily life in that way.
All glory to Him!

Today I had one more really fun commentary - a first for me actually......

The nine of us (including my Wiggly Bump) were taking up half a grocery
store isle, and I was intently instructing Bryce which Bagels to retrieve
for me.
"The Blueberry ones there, with the blue label." I pointed my finger.

There was a woman and child appearing to wait until it was safe to pass
us without running over one of my hoodlums. Or three.

They didn't pass.

The woman continued to observe us, and I began to
realize she was enjoying herself immensely. We were putting on a show.

When she finally did pass, she said "You have a BIG family!"

"Comparatively speaking we have" I replied

Then she asked:
"Are you that family on TV?"

Harhar! {I chuckled out loud}

"NOOO!" I said,
"But when we come out like this it FEELS like we're on TV!"

((At least it feels like we're being watched.))

Ain't that the truth though?  Do YOU feel like you're on TV?
Even going out with just two or three little ones can put you in the limelight.

Hmm... I wonder what the next stranger will say to beat that one!

Such good times.

Masks that Lina made for herself and Bryce

Swapping Sunglasses and checking out their bad selves in the mirror

Painting in the sunlight

Explaining a Math problem (who's doing the explaining though?)

Blocks and animal cutouts the boys have been making

Such great form - and at such an early age! :-)


Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Sweet analene!
Even the most in eventful pregnancies are miracles! ☺ I'm praying for you!!! And sometimes I feel like we are inside a tv being watched too! ��
Love you!!!
Send me your new address

Camille said...

I hopped over from Cinnamon's blog to *meet* you. You have a lovely family and a delightful sense of humour. May the LORD richly bless you as seek to raise your precious ones for HIM!! My sweet friend just had her tenth, and my other sweet friend was blessed with ten as well. I have the *small* family with only four. The LORD is Good. Always. And...HE is Faithful to lead us so gently along.

Many Blessings,

Momma Bug said...

Hi Camille! Thanks for visiting - I love dear Cinnamon (though I've not yet collected a hug in person!).

4 is a lot - particularly when they're close in age, but it looks like you are in a fun season I have yet to experience with all those strapping teenage boys!

I had to laugh about that TV comment to a person who has one or two kids, seven is too many to count and pretty much the same to her, more or less, than the person who has 18.
However having seven, I know that 10, 13, 18 children... each of those leaps are a whole different genre of bigness :-D

It's a pleasure to meet you!

Sally said...

Enjoying these snippets of daily life--glad you are finding time to post a bit right now. Hugs!--m

Cinnamon said...

Hello dear Analene, YOU look wonderful pregnant. I'm so happy you're feeling good and sleeping. Those are great gifts in those last weeks.

How excited I am for you to be greeting a wee one soon. Oh and you're so close to me.....we'll just keep praying about that "in person" hug :-)

I remember going to the grocery store just like you, filling an entire isle and looking back to make sure late comers weren't knocked over by a passing cart - haha!

After I had our 8th child, Gianna, I went to the store. I came home from that delightful experience and told John "I will no longer take all 8 children to the store!" haha! It's funny to look back on now.

I normally take 5 children or less to the store now and wow, what a breeze :-) haha!

love you dear friend~ Cinnamon

Christabelle said...
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Anonymous said...

Your looking good in your picture! Hope everything keeps going well for you and Im sooo excited to see what the baby will be! Take care and take it easy (easier said than done with kiddos around). Praying the Lord will give you strength for the rest of the journey!
Your NC Friend!
Oh and I do have you a letter as soon as I get to the post office!

chrysti carpenter said...

I think you look great! The comments have certainly increased for me as well but the comments coming my way are slightly different. There are those who are in shock that we are having a 5th and can't believe we can handle that many kids because there is no way they could (in my opinion we are still a very small family)Anyway having only girls right now, we are getting the "We are praying for a boy for you." "Maybe you will finally get your boy this time." Mostly these comments are coming from strangers. I guess the assumption is that we are only having another baby because we want to have a boy. The truth is we are having another baby because babies are a blessing and I would be perfectly happy with 4 more girls. When I take all four girls with me to the store, I am getting more stares as well now that my belly is showing more. It just keeps reminding me how blessed I am!

The Pauls' Family said...

Yup, I hear you! We are definitely stared at when we go out. But have learned instead of being annoyed to use this as an opportunity to share Jesus with them by being kind and loving and answering all their (ridiculous) questions even if I've answered them already a gazillion times!!! Who knows what will impact someone and change their thoughts about having a large family!

Bless you as you continue to serve Him as a wonderful mother of your children. You look beautiful with your baby bump! I love it!