Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nesting... and trying to shake the bug.

A furious frenzy of nest-feathering has overtaken this home! My friend Jana (who is nesting and awaiting the arrival of her little one in our guest accommodations) and I are due three weeks apart. It has been novel to nest without diving into sorting and cleaning projects, but this house is new to us, and so little furnished in all the cracks and crevices, that we can start fresh on any project we want without having to backtrack!

 Jana has been handy with crochet needle, and I have set up sewing operations in the master bathroom (yes, master bathroom) because 1. it's plenty large enough, and 2. I've been letting small children swim and play in the huge tub in order to ease the sicky blues. In camping out with my sewing machine I can make sure no one drowns :-D

I always love a good surprise ending to my pregnancy story, and prefer not to find out gender ahead of time. Amazingly, my Beloved and I agreed on names early on (when does that ever happen?!) and now I have only to create every loving detail in two color schemes.
There's no shortage of gender-neutral out there, but I find I never use it once baby is met and known.
On top of my own baby trousseau, I am trying to sneak in a couple things for another wee nephew and
one or two tiny friends due to arrive in close proximity.  Some rooms in the house resemble the elves
workshop :-)

This is the Girl baby blanket I sewed up recently.  I still have a darling Boy blanket which didn't get used
last time because we had an Aloria.  I wonder which one will be used this time around?

It was my first time using minky fabric and it looks like I could use some practice,
but I'm pretty sure baby won't mind my puckers and goofs.  It is bright, cheerful,
and very much "me", that fabric!  I couldn't help thinking of my mom too, because
I think this is a print she'd give a high approval rating to :-)

In other news, our illness prevails.  Thankfully we have no plans this week and can
lay low.  I read to the kids this morning, but my voice is pretty weak because of the
cough I've had.  Reading isn't ideal.  Poor Aloria-girl woke with a fresh bout of
sickness this morning, and she was the first it hit at the beginning of the week.
With a fever, runny nose and miserable cough, she wanted only to be held all day.
Though everyone has been trouping along with admirable endurance, by this evening
I felt ready to be done being sick.
All of December we were knocked out, and this round has me discouraged.

Thanks Lord for all the bright colors in fabric, the sunshine most days, the snow
flurries today, friends who make dinner, children who are my hands and feet
when mine are taken up with sick babies...
Thanks Lord, for hot baths, and more hot baths :-)  Yes, for all the hot baths a person
could dream of.
Thanks for a husband near-by, and for music to listen to, and a potty-trained little boy,
and plenty of books,  and for fresh fruit because we're really going through the fruit!

I'm loving the freedom and resources to create; loathing all the fevers, flushed faces,
and germs flying to and fro; and in my tired-of-being-sick state, I have an awful lot
to be thankful for.


Diane said...

Praying for you!

Sally said...

Love that fabric!!! Makes me happy just to look at it--hope the Babe it wraps (if you have a girlie) will be happy and contented too. Praying for each of you as you go thru this season of illness. Loving you...-m

SarahS said...

Praying for you, hoping you all feel better soon. We've had a clingy cold bug all month and it's definitely wearing, even though it's been fairly mild after the first week.

What beautiful pictures, as always:) And lovely stories of your crew. Thanks so much for taking the time to share! Love you guys ♥