Monday, January 14, 2013

It Glittered today

It's not Idaho here in the high desert of Colorado.
It's not lush and green.
It's not deep, wet winter snow that you can form into snowmen,snow forts, and snow balls.
It's not lots of big fluffy flakes that pile up feet-worth of stopping power -
stopping one from going anywhere without utilizing a shovel and strong back.
It's not looking miles upward into giant evergreens,
awed by what snow looks like coming down through the trees.
It's not the short dark winter days that feel extra cozy by the fire,
and no matter what fingerprints we leave on windows,
and crayon drawings we tape to the fridge... this doesn't really feel like home.

But there are lots of things that this place is.
It is large, lovely, convenient, easy to warm, and easy to clean.
It is close to every kind of shopping.
It is swimming lessons even in the heart of winter.
It is bright happy sunshine almost every day.
it is minutes away from Safeway Rocky Road ice cream.  Need I say more?

And sometimes
when the temperature dips low in this dry climate,
and a bit of precipitation escapes the translucent clouds
at just the time a warm glow of sunlight filters through...

...It Glitters.

At least, that's exactly what it looks like to me - Glitter.

And how gracious our amazing Creator God, to care so much for me
so far away from the beautiful cozy cabin retreat that my whole family has come
to love, that He would give us  a piece of something lovely that we don't get
anywhere else:

A sky-full of sparkling Glitter.

I can't help but marvel.
Even here.


Rebekah W said...

Ive always wanted to see Co.Maybe someday you could do a blog post with some photos from around there where you all are living? It sounds nice but I sure miss seeing the photos of the family at Marvel HILL! Your place there is Beautiful!!!! Have a wonderful week friend!

Amy and Family said...

Analene, you don't know me, but over the last year or two of following your blog, I almost feel like I know you and your beautiful family! Your post made me smile. Thank you for always pointing to the Saviour....bringing glory to Him in all your varied circumstances!

We live in Northern CA, and when you are visiting your family in Chico you are quite close to us (we have family in Chico too). :) We have also dreamed for years about a Northern Idaho move, so I have loved following your journey! Maybe we'll get there someday?? In the meantime, I will enjoy your blog, and hope that one day we might get to meet you all this side of heaven.
Love in Christ,

Momma Bug said...

Amy, What a delight to make your acquaintance! I'm so glad you de-lurked yourself, and hope that you'll consider us friends from here forward :-)
It would be fun to meet you sometime, and if you get a wild hair to explore North Idaho I hope you'll come see us.

Thank you for your kind encouragement. The Lord blesses me so much through the words of people I've never met.

Blessings on you!