Friday, May 10, 2013

The Journey Home

It took us a few days to pack up the mobile part of our belongings
and to clean up the house before locking up and rolling out.
My beloved said "it shouldn't be too hard to pack up, since we're
not taking most the household items" and that was true.

However packing ten people for an overnighter, let alone the six month
stretch we're planning to be away, is a lot to tackle!

If you're ever interested to know how we actually do this gypsy stunt
I'd be glad to post particulars.  Just leave your questions in a comment.

Before we hit the road, I lined the Bugletts up on the front step for a picture.
Everyone was rearing to be off!

Before we even got out of town, Bryce fell asleep.
When I looked back and saw him sleeping like this, I almost laughed until I cried!

In fact... I'm still laughing!
Wow that does not look comfortable!

We drove north via Jackson Hole Wyoming and Teton national park.

This is the picture where I made my kids squint into the sun so I could get
the Tetons behind them :-D

And this is the one where I naively handed my camera to a man who made
ME squint into the sun...

On this trip from Colorado to the panhandle of Idaho we we took 4 days to get home
and traveled a little slower.
We had two vehicles and two trailers - one which we were able to pull over
and sleep in. We determined that our total length was somewhere around 90 feet long!
Everything about this expedition was pleasant except for not being all together in
one vehicle.

AJ wants a motor home.

I don't want that for my daily driver :-)

Sometimes the best little adventures are had in the places we pull over to stretch
our legs.  The rest of these pictures are some of  those "mini" adventures.

All that driving and riding and itching to get there,
and guess where we are now?!


Rebekah W said...


Jaclyn Trafton said...

Looks like a wonderful time!! Oh so many adventures! Any tips for keeping kiddos happy on car rides? We will be traveling twice this summer/fall to see family, and our little buckaroo, doesn't like to sit still (I don't blame him!).

So does that mean you will be splitting your time between Marvel Hill and Colorado?

Momma Bug said...

Rebekah, you probably would love it out here. I haven't seen much of the east, but even though it is its own beautiful, my heart is in the west.
It is large, and open, and very rugged.
I couldn't believe the first time I saw the appalachian mountains... hills, I thought. Haha!

We are home now and yes, loving being here :-)

Momma Bug said...

Jaclyn, we are experimenting with spending half the year in Colorado and half in Idaho. We'll see how long that lasts, but for now it's a fun adventure!
I'll think over the car ride question and give you a little list of things that I like to divert wiggles in the car.


Julia said...

What awesomely wonderful photos!! amaze me!

I had to stop and star at that photo of a sleeping Bryce for some time. *gigg;es* Poor little snoozle LOL!

momofbugs said...

Thank you for the great laugh! I hope your son's nose is ok. Your drive looked beautiful!

Christabelle said...

I LOVE the picture of all your little bugletts lined up! I can't believe how much they've grown in the short time since I began to frequent your blog! We loved going out with the kids traveling/camping last year! What adventures! It looks like you guys have a great time. :)

I also wanted to let you know on this fine Mother's Day that I tagged you for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. :) If you do fun stuff like that! ;) said...

oh my goodness!! What an adventure!

Heart said...

you may find this question strange I was just wondering if you would do a post of each child name or nickname if you don't post real names and their age...just found your blog
//always wanted a big family but God had other plans and i am beond thankful with the three he gave me
Heartwend (at)hotmail (dot) com