Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blessed Visit

With some of our beloved parents:-)

That (plus slow Internet and AJ's work, plus dishes, diapers, sorting, cleaning, playing...) is what caused me to fall off the planet for a while. But at least I kept the camera handy!!

There was a gift of goggles for all the big kids, and we went to the lake and made "use" of them.

Truth is, that while at least three of my children wore them like they were going out of style, I don't believe they got very wet!

Clay giving Grams a spin in his canoe

Pops giving the girls a spin in the paddle boat

Lina, Lina, Lina, and a water lily she couldn't put down!

Over the last three days we went to the lake for swimming and boating, we picked berries (which included some bee-stingings for some of us), antique shopping (and in due course the buying of a hand pump, and three Aladdin lamps - woohoo!!), lunch, ice cream cones, and chocolate malts out, a used bookstore, sheet rock hung in the pantry, a cuckoo clock hung in the kitchen, coffee on the porch, pancakes with Huckleberry syrup, Watermelon, more swimming at the lake, and now after Grams and Pops have left... sleep;-)

I hope to post a bunch more photos in the days ahead just to catch up a bit. I am almost 33 weeks pregnant and feeling very excited to meet this baby! I am also bumping into everything, and spilling even more things than I can count (much to m husband's amusement). It's just the way I am pregnant. Careless I guess. Who knows.
Other than that, the Plantain is getting well used on bee stings. There's quite a variety of bees and wasps up here and it's a heavy year for them. Clay has taken the brunt of them, but not to our surprise since he goes around taking swings at them with the fly swatter. Humph!
I ran up a hill at top speed today (top speed for a pregnant lady) dragging him by the arm, and holding a pitcher of berries in the other while being chased by bee's he and his brother (who was loooong gone) had stirred up.
It was like our blood on the carpet story Courtney, I was running with all my might and with no heart at all, was shouting at him "STOP screaming! Save that for the bears!"
He survived.
I survived.
The invalids were well taken care of by their more compassionate sisters who fetched them pillows, blankets, drinks....
All while their out of breath mother was spitting out remains of chewed-up plantain leaves, and trying to find an unoccupied couch to rest upon! HA!

Anyhow, that's it for tonight because I must see if the Internet connection will oblige me before the computer battery runs out.
Love to all!!



Diane said...

I was wondering where you went! Oh how I have missed your daily snipets of life at Marvel Hill. So glad you got a nice visit with family. Wish those Bees would leave you all alone!

Praying for you dear friend these last seven or so weeks of pregnancy. Love you so much!


jenny said...

There you are! WONDERFUL pics! What a blessed time you all had, bees and all! :( I am SO sorry I missed you running up a hill though, that would have really lifted my spirits. ha ha Nice to know about plantain. Ah, yes, the misjudging the girth stage, glorious! Love to all!

Lady Jess said...

LOL! So goes the adventures in the wilderness, eh? Great pics!

Ashley said...

I was begining to wonder where you went. :)
Oh, not very long till we get to "meet" your new little one!!! Could you leave a comment on my blog (I won't publish it) with your email, so I can get your address? Or you can just leave you address, silly me. :D I want to send something up your way for the baby!

love, me

princessmama said...

Oh!! So sorry about the bee stings, yuck :(

Sounds like you had a great family visit :) We just saw some extended family on a little camping trip. Good times :)

I LOVE the pic of Clay in his canoe, especially after reading the back story.

Love you! I can't believe you're that far along already, wow. Time flies...when it's not you!! LOL

gramsie said...

The blessings were all ours! How can we begin to thank you for stocking us up on hugs and kisses, laughter, huckleberry syrup and yummy homebaked goodies; for sharing dreams, and for the joys of just being with all of you again.

Momma Bug said...

God is certainly good to us!