Friday, June 26, 2009

And God Smiled on Me

I was brave. I showered without any help. I felt better immediately.

It was a nice end to a difficult day. After I wrote my last post, when I thought it would be smooth sailing...
I was supposed to walk out the door to meet Emma and that's when "someone" told me they had gone potty in the bedroom and poop in their underwear. Sorry to be blunt, but so it was.

I was none too happy about this developement, but it was a dilemma needing attention, and so I had to deal with it and leave the house late.
Despite this interruption in my smoothly sailing evening, we managed to collect Auntie Em and have been enjoying her ever since!

After I tucked in the children, she read some stories to them so I could shower.
And the truth is, that last nights bathing was the perfect start to this early morning-ed day.

We breakfasted, began reading Philippians, sang hymns, and I sent the crew outside. We had the pleasure of a guest today - the 9 year old son of our contractor Dave. He has come once before this week and the boys thoroughly enjoyed him. Truth be told, he fit right in with my boys even in size and hair-cut!

Emma and I joined the children outside this morning and we all worked together to clean up the scraps of wood and cardboard that have been accumulating all around the house.

The boys were a tremendous help, Zack and Davey especially, and stuck with it until the job was done.

I started a small campfire to burn the cardboard, and after lunch we had S'mores to celebrate the clean yard! Everyone was filthy and tired out, but content. I was pleased. Very pleased, and even more pleased when I noted that it was only one in the afternoon ( I thought it was at least 4:30. It felt like it!).

As soon as we finished and the contractors cleaned up their work and left, the sky opened up in a downpour. We are now cozied up in our little cabin, cleaned, resting, and playing Lego's.
Auntie Em is sound asleep on the couch. If she thinks THAT was tiring, she should try being the mom!

I am content with the days accomplishments and find that the afternoon may even hold time enough for washing dishes and baking. All before eating and going to bed early!
Tomorrow we pick up Daddy at the airport. Hooray!!!

(A glimpse of my Quilt corner. Ahh... the pleasure of pretty corners!)

Onward while the steam lasts!


jenny said...

Ah, showers are soooo nice. Way to go Mountain Woman. Oh the timing on that potty break was excellent. Been there, pregnant, everybody ready to go, walking out the door to make an appt...nice job not melting down! I love the name Auntie Em, so cute. Hope you have a delightful time. The boys look so manly moving their wood from place to place. Love your pretty corner, it is fun to see a house that is yours, with your special touch. Love,J

Lady Jess said...

Awww! How fun!

~*~Hallie~*~ said...

Hello! I have enjoyed your blog very much but I have a question. I read that you said Marvel Hill has no electricity and that you use the generator. Well, I was wondering, what do you do for an internet connection? I'm assuming if there aren't power lines, then perhaps, no phone or cable lines? Anyways...things like that always make me wonder.;) Have a blessed evening!

Diane said...

So glad you did indeed get your shower! Love the pictures...keem them coming....but do we have to BEG for a pic of you!!!!!!!!!!


Holly Days Closet said...

Just wanted to drop a note to say I have enjoyed getting to know your family. You have a wonderful life. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. I just started a blog and I'm not sure what to write at times but after reading yours and others it doesn't matter, just life.
Love Holly

2homeschool said...


Thinking of you.

Love, H

2homeschool said...

Hey miss brave, where did you go???

You coming back sometime soon???

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your sis!

Love, Heather

Mama K. said...

Hi there! I hope you've had a great time with your sis'. Is she still there?
I've been missing your posts this past week - hope you are feeling well!
love you!
Mama K.

Carrie's Blog said...

Wow, Wow, Wow....I actually know of someone who lives with no electricity and plumbing that is PREGNANT and has lots of children. I can only imagine the adventure. I spent a summer in an old home in Wyoming as a ranch hand also with no running water or electricity...and I know what it is like. I was sixteen, not 'older' :) with children. I am most certain it smells lovely out there..and the picture of the moose just amazing. I remember trips to the outhouse while listening to coyote's also. Something you never forget. Good to read you are well.