Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Genesis, Over and Out...

I made it through Genesis in four days.
Four days could possibly be all I am able to keep on track for. It seems like an accomplishment to manage ten chapters in a stretch without serious interruption!

I want to say though, that as many times as I have read Genesis before, I was amazingly humbled and blessed this time around.

I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made to read in one gulp like this, for not chopping all the "stories" into tiny segments.

I mean, I knew that Sarah was barren.
I knew that Rebekah was barren.
I knew that Rachel was barren.
Did I ever really see the pattern like that?
Coincidence maybe? (tongue in cheek here) ;-)

I was also more heavy-hearted than usual for Jacobs wife Leah.
I was impressed with a full heart how the Lord God ended that story with Jacob desiring to be buried next to his wife Leah in the place of his fathers. It gave me pause for thought.

You know, I bet this will sound silly, but we have intentionally avoided cartoonish Bible illustrations for our children. Largely because we want them to have a picture that the Bible is stories recounted of real people. Much of what is recorded there is larger than life. Why confuse it with fairy tales?

This said, I have my own flannel graph pictures of Josephs brothers before him in Egypt.

In my mind they are all between seventeen and forty-five (don't ask me where this came from - I blame the illustrations) ;-D

What I really enjoyed this time was realizing that the Judah and Tamar "incident" took place before Judah went before Joseph in Egypt. Judah was an OLD guy! I didn't do the math, but 80's maybe? Anyway, I love how Benjamin is referred to by his brothers as a "little one" (inferring fewer years of age); how they protected him as a "daddy's boy" and yet we discover the fella had ten sons already. TEN!!

Just too fun! I really enjoyed myself. I love Exodus too, so ten chapters a day shouldn't pain me much - especially after the refreshing read of the last four days.

So how is YOUR reading going?
What has popped out at you most?
I'd love to hear, even if you leave me a comment telling me to come read your blog!

Onnn--- to Exodus!


Photo Momma said...

Way to go! I am still finishing up my resolution from 2 years ago... I was going to read through in one year but it has turned into 2 and... hopefully only a month! I finished up Daniel today so have Hosea through Malachi left. Getting close!

being molded said...

I'm working on the first part of Exodus now, or I should be anyway. Praying I can stick with it. I'm finding reading bigger chunks better too.

Shauna said...

Completely different topic, I know, but where did you get the pregnancy counter for your blog when you were expecting Bryce? I'll be wanting one soon (once I post a little announcement) and relly liked yours.
Love you, Shauna

Christabelle said...

I had a similar experience when I read through Matthew in one sitting! It's amazing how a number of Jesus sermons have a lot more context than what I usual gave myself.

Those first books are beautiful, aren't they? How wonderful that the very introduction is, "In the beginning God..." It sets the context for everything that comes after it. It is His story about His people and His love for them.

I pray that you are able to make it through Exodus in a similar way!


Momma Bug said...

Dearest Shauna.

That is the BEST of news! Every time I heard you were under the weather I hoped...
I will look for that counter again, I found it by googling "pregnancy counter" or "pregnancy ticker" or some such.
You might find something you like better:-)

I'll be praying or you. I know your hands are full without the added tiredness and yucks.

I love you!!!


Shauna said...

Thanks for your prayers, 'Lene. If only I could attribute all the illnesses of the past few months to pregnancy! On the bright side, this has been my easiest one so far. I'm wondering if my body is concentrating so hard on trying to recover from everything else that it just doesn't have much left over for me to get really pregnant sick.=)