Thursday, January 28, 2010

They Say That True Life is Stranger Than Fiction... It Is.

If you make a sandwich without a "lid"
it's an "OPEN FACE" sandwich.

So it follows that if you are 5 years old,
and you DON'T want an open face sandwich,
the thing to ask for is a...


Kinda gives the impression that the
peanut butter was talking back
or something.


In a home where small children reside
you can expect to find strange things in strange places,

SUCH AS: a harmonica in the dishwasher.

But honestly, I can't blame any of the children for that.

How else was I supposed to remove all that
peanut butter
and jelly?


Diane said...

why are there a bunch of symbols at the end of your blog? I dont understand.

Momma Bug said...

Does anyone else see symbols?
Where at?
My post looks fine, but this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened, so tell me what you're looking at and I'll try to fix it.
Thanks Diane:-)

petersonclan said...

yep... they are closed face sandwiches in our house...

Lady Jess said...

LOL! How funny!

Grace McHugh said...

All kinds of symbols at the end.

Momma Bug said...

Very odd.
Maybe I'll try to rewrite and repost it.

princessmama said...

Shut face, I love it :) Kids are so much fun. One of my nieces (3 yrs old), when asked by her daddy to close her eyes for a moment sweetly asked him if she could keep one eye open, because she wouldn't be able to see the television anymore if she had both closed.

beansntatersmama said...

We call our sandwiches like that pocketbook sandwiches, which my mom called them when I were small. It's cute to see my 5 year old boy say Mom I want a pocketbook. thanks for the great cookie recipe!

Momma Bug said...

Hey Beans Mama!

Pocketbook - I like that... better than shut face certainly:-)
I hope your cookies turn out great!