Monday, January 4, 2010

Wheels for Bugs; Thoughts About a First Time Roller Skating

In the words of Susanna:

"First I went in. Daddy helped me.
Then I started rolling against the wall. Then I felt excited! Somebody took a picture of me. When I first put on my skating shoes they were feeling uncomfortable. After I skated for a while they felt better. Then I started having a great time, and when Daddy said "It's time to stop" I wanted to keep skating!"

In the words of Zack:

"When I first put my skates on I felt weird because it's not normal for me to have a big crowd of people around when I have rolling shoes on. It wasn't like I expected. I basically thought I'd be rolling, until I got out there and found out how tricky it was!"

In the words of Olivia:

When I put my skates on I wanted a little snack..."

In the words of Clayton:

At first it was a bit awkward and I was just walking around. And then Daddy took us out on the big tile place and I was holding on to the wall. There were people passing me up. Once I got really good, I was able to pass a lot of people up. But... most the people who I passed were Sue and Zack!"

In the words of Momma:

That wore me out - and I didn't even skate!!


Grace McHugh said...

My comment is about the picture heading your blog..........I love flannel shirts!

Momma Bug said...

Oh Grace - me too!
I found that one at a second-hand store and bought it for him to
"match" his big brothers. I haven't gotten a picture of them together yet, but I'd better hurry because he's fast growing out of it!!

Miss you :-)

princessmama said...

So, so cute! I love the kids' perspective on it all :D