Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today I'm gonna live like I love Jesus, so if He comes for me I'll be ready!

It's 6:20 AM. Much too early for a deliberate rising, but with back pain and an early morning nursing of the baby, my mind got to rolling.


That's who's on my mind because I noticed something missing from it's place that shouldn't have been. I don't know who's responsible, but I can guess.

A number of things lately have been shouting for my attention, telling me subtly and not so, that one of my children - an imp eyed pixie named O. - is falling through the proverbial cracks.

She's so easy-going.
So Cute.
So winsome!

So un-dependable.
She disregards my every word as though it's her privilege to pick and choose what command she wants to obey, and with nary a dispute - she just does what she wants!

Hmm... Olivia.

Once my brain set to working on a problem which I have known is mine all along, I decided to get up and make myself useful formulating a plan.
Hence the desire to " like I love Jesus..."
I do of course, love Jesus. It's just that I (along with much of the Jesus-loving population) do not always attempt to LIVE like it.
So today I am deliberate.
It might take a divergence from the preplanned school routine, but I have got to pick O. out of the cracks.
I've got to rally her to my team!
I've got to be Jesus to her, and I know He would take all the time in the world for her.

She's a little girl who needs a lot of training which I haven't made time to give her.
Up to this point I have spent enough time putting out fires that I may as well have put in the effort before the fire got started.

I have a few ideas, a plan, if you will.

Perhaps if I'm transparent, you'll be hearing of my venture throughout the day. If I am all-consumed (which I anticipate since this is not first and foremost a blogging experiment), you might not.

Either way, if you love Jesus too will you pray for me and O.?

Thanks a bunch.

Pressing onward!


Grace McHugh said...

This is the third blog I have read that shows the same thoughts I am having about a girl. I too have come up with a plan and we have been talking about it. Last night I saw the first glimmer after putting thoughts into action. Yeah for wise momma's!!

Shauna said...

praying for you and O!

Anonymous said...

Prayers and more prayers :-)

Xenia Kathryn said...

Prayers for you and Olivia here, too. Raising little ones is so tough... I think I spent more intentional time "training" my oldest, but being pregnant with #3 and inherently laid back myself, I can see how much I need to do the same for my (current) youngest. Keep us updated on how things are going, I know I'll be drawing a lot of encouragement from it.
Take care!!

Diane said...

Praying that each day gets better. U r a great momma and an inspiration to many. Love to you!