Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter and Spit Accessorized

Rolling over frequently from tummy to back.

Scooting - scooting! Enough that I graduated him from co-sleeper to crib. I was truly concerned that he'd get wedged in a tight spot or work himself off my bed.

I know you're dying to see that round fuzzy blond head (which is covered in this pic.) and it's coming...

Bryce is 13 pounds now, and while I haven't measured him, he's getting longer by the day too.
Average, average, average.
I DO like average!
Average is good :-)

Everything else about him is above and beyond average. Pretty much exceptional I'd say.

You don't think I'm biased, do you?


Ashley said...

he so adorably cute!!!! i want to just squish his little cheeks and smooch them! :D

Jess said...

Scooting?! NOOO, I'm not ready for that!