Monday, February 1, 2010


Three girls in new snow bibs.
Carolina isn't too keen on wearing hers.

The colors may be a little outlandish, but counting the pros:

*The girls won't get lost
*Baby brother can grow into them without shame
*The price was right

We found them clearanced at Target for $3.24 apiece!

We can pretend they're pink with purple polka dots for THAT price :-)

And speaking of screamin' deals, if you live near a Gander Mountain sporting goods store, we found a LOT of bargains there yesterday.
Amongst them was a $50 pair of Woolrich slippers for 10 dollars.
Slippers for the little Bugs next Fall, normally $15 but we bought them for $5.
Fleece's for the boys 25% off $6.49, and so on.
All their clearance clothing was 25% off lowest marked price, and clearance sandals were 75% off lowest marked price.

With a passel of little ones, it only makes sense to buy ahead when you find the deals, and in all honesty, clearance prices often surpass the cost of buying thrift these days!

What's YOUR latest bargain?


Morgan said...

Great finds! I love a good bargain! And, I love Target! :)

Momma Bug said...

Target is my FAVORITE!
Sometimes I want to buy an entire isle... but then I remember that my budget doesn't match my enthusiasm:-P

Photo Momma said...

Wow! That was a great price for snow pants!!!

My latest deal... 2 weeks ago we walked into Salvation Army to buy some new dress clothes for my husband (he needs them for work). As we walked in the door they told us everything in the store was half off! Unfortunately it was 50 minutes until closing time and almost immediately Caleb needed to go potty. So, our time to find the bargains was very short but we still managed to do VERY well. Jason got 6 button up dress shirts, 2 pairs of dress pants, and two sports coats for only $17.50! The best part is that everything fit when we got home and he has already been getting compliments on his new wardrobe :)

Christabelle said...

That is WONDERFUL! I love deals like that! :)

Shauna said...

I agree about the clearance prices often being better than thrift store prices, especially around here, I've often seen things going for more than new! I just wish I could get to town more often durring clearance times to take advantage of them. And how I bemoan the lack of Targets in Canada. Ah, the things you never realize you'll miss! Aren't you thankful when you do come across a good bargin?!

Momma Bug said...

Yes indeedy!
In fact, I revel in my bargaining abilities while in the Denver area.
So large in the way of shopping potential!
When we get to Idaho, it's a little more similar to your situation and I limit my shopping to bare necessities:-)
Boy I do love Target though.

Think there might be a Target in Heaven?

Lauren said...

I got those exact same bibs for my 15-month-old guy - for $15 before they went on sale. : ) I usually wait until things go on sale before I get them at Target, but I needed them right away up here in AK, and believe it or not, none of the other stores had them in anything less than a 3T!

Diane said...

That is an amazing price! Way to go Momma Bug!

Shannon said...

That's my kind of bargain! I also find that sometimes I find a clearance rack of stuff for $5, but don't like the style; however, I may come back and it is down to $1 and suddenly I like it! LOL! I can learn to like some things.

When we head to snowy areas I jhit all the thrift stores we pass and have been quite blessed with hitting 1/2 price sales and getting boots for $2-3, bibs for under$5, etc. One year we stopped in a Target on vacation and I got a bib a snow coat set on clearance for $15... and it was pink!... and it was technically a size larger, but that gave me THREE years of use of it for that one child. Not to mention her little sis got it next... and seven years later it will fit the latest little sis should she need it. You just can't beat the bargains that keep on giving through the years. Hmmm... did I mention that we have also loaned it to a friend a couple of times?... yep, I LOVE great bargains! ;)

Miss jane said...