Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a Mom's Life





Packing (again),




...Actually I can't multi-task.

Unless you call this multi-tasking?

Feeding the baby,

Answering Math questions from both sides,

And being a human balance beam for Carolina.

Hmm... Maybe I can multi-task.

Just a little :-)

(when you share those "life of a boy" pictures,
I want to see your "life of a mom" pictures too!)


Photo Momma said...

I love it! What a great photo of the life of a mom...

Xenia Kathryn said...

Oh my.... I love this photo! Might have to paint it... :D

Grace McHugh said...

Do I see a painted railing in the background? So that means you forgot to add artist and interior designer. :)

Momma Bug said...

Yeah. I probably forgot a few things Grace, such as:

Resident Tooth Brusher
Diaper Changer
Question Answerer
Dinner Maker
Clothes Washer
Grocery Shopper
Suppliment Administer

and today:

Cupboard Sorter
Trash Taker-Outer
Fridge Cleaner
Bin Labeler
Appointment Maker
Closet De-Junker
Dirty Face Inspector
Feather Unruffler
Bicker Bufferer

All time BEST job titles:

Baby whisperer
Cheek kisser
Tear Wiper
Antic Laugher-at-er
Hug accepter
Careful Listener
"Watch This!" Watcher...

...Blogin' Mom-er...

And probably 100 more.
I did not paint the railing, but you can bet I've painted a few things around here and I can hardly wait to get my hands on a paintbrush, hammer, and garden hoe in Idaho SOON!

Love you gals!
And I sure want to see that picture when you get to painting it Katie - maybe I'll draw one pen and ink...
Hmm... one more thing to do!

JENNIFER said...

Just another day in paradise...

Diane said...

Look at you Miss Skinny who has lost ALL of the baby weight! For some reason the angle looked funny on your face and I was not convinced it was YOU in the picture! Yes, Analene you are will I ever measure up if I can my chance at motherhood! lol

Miss jane said...