Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Eyes Have Been Opened

I have come to the conclusion that a weekend trip is no longer the quick, throw it together last minute affair that it was 10 years ago.

What really drove that home was a gob of orange silly putty and paper clips that came through the dryer in a pocket.
When I'm trying to wash, dry, fold, and pack.

...And do school.

...And make several dinners ahead of time.

...And cookies.

(Who doesn't keep a handful of paper clips with their silly putty?!)

Thankfully the dryer was o.k., though the pocket is a little worse for wear :-}
(Just you wait Kim - boys have nothing on sprightly little girls!)

And here's a little tip I've learned the hard way:

If you're going to pack a family of 8 for an over-nighter...

You may as well stay a week, because you will have packed enough.

Trust me on that!


I am blessed! said...

It takes a week to recover, that's for sure!

princessmama said...

Try a pocket full of CRAYONS thru the dryer!!! Lol! I can laugh about it now, now that i have new tshirts to wear! :D I don't envy you the silly putty either though, glad your dryer is fine.

I was always very reluctant to take an overnight trip,especially with a few hours drive if we weren't staying at least a couple days, and that was with only two littles! I don't imagine packing for eight is much fun, yikes! :)

想想 said...


Kat said...

This made me laugh! I have a family of seven, soon to be nine, home school, and LOVE it! Thank you for the absolute TRUTH! lol

I am blessed! said...

Hey- I gave you an award on my blog today. Thanks for spreading sunshine my way.