Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eczema Update

I can't thank you all enough for your helpful thoughts and encouragement.
It was wonderful just to know that Eczema isn't uncommon (although I don't wish it on any of you!).

I have stripped Bryce's clothes, and I tried the oatmeal/milk bath, but he really struggled in the bath, making it hard for me to contain his wayward fingernails.

I picked up Aveeno and Eucerin, but want to see if eliminating the fragrances from the laundry detergent makes a difference and use the goo as a last resort.

I had hoped to see something better today, but the poor guy woke with red cheeks. He had pulled back the blanket he slept on, exposing his face to the bare port-a-crib pad.
It may be a wild guess, but I suspect that pad to be the cause of those red cheeks.
I'm sure it's been treated for flame resistance.
Just a guess.

Seems like everything is guesswork at this point.

It does appear that dairy is often the culprit for Eczema sufferers, but then there is my friends' baby...

When attempting to cure her own baby of Eczema , my friend was a true martyr.
She suffered through an elimination diet: no wheat, no dairy, and no something else (what was the other thing Jana?), and after keeping to it faithfully for an eternity of time and seeing no difference in Baby's rash, she had her muscle tested.
The doc figured out that eggs and chicken were Baby's problem, and upon leaving the doctors office, Friend promptly went and bought herself a hamburger and milkshake, cut out all eggs and chicken, and Baby cleared right up!

I love that story!
It gives me hope:-)

We had Bryce muscle tested, and that's where the diagnosis of a chemical sensitivity came in.
In fact we had him tested once again a month later just to be sure, and he tested the same.
So far I haven''t hit on the solution, but I am faithfully taking the oils, giving Bryce the oils, and even avoiding Dairy, refined sugar, and coffee, along with highly processed foods.

Bryce is no longer constipated so that's a praise, but it seems like his skin is getting worse.
I have been wondering if it's going through a healing crisis because his digestive tract is working better.
Maybe his body is getting rid of built-up toxins post haste?

As you can see, I'm very good at making surmises! ;-)

I don't prefer science experiments of this nature though, and would be thrilled to move on to other things.

If you'd be inclined to continue throwing me your thoughts and ideas, experiences and remedies, I would deeply appreciate it.

Thanks again All!


I'll post something funner soon.
How 'bout a bazillion pictures of our ski trip with the little Bugs?
OK it's a deal!


Anonymous said...

Oh Analene...poor Bryce and poor Momma! I know the frustration and I'll be praying. Did you know that a standard crib sheet will fit a porta-crib mattress? I started using them when MY oldest pulled his blanket back and woke up with a rash. I found that using flannel sheets helps too because they are nice and soft. Hopefully this will be something that he'll grow out of.

Kim said...

(((hugs)))) I've had two with eczema. The first one was just horrible. The dermatologist we went to said it was one of the worst cases in babies he'd ever seen. And then he tried to convince me to give steroids to my 6 month old. Anyways, I, too, was one of those women who went full blown elimination diet. No wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, sesame, nuts, citrus, tomatoes, hmmm... what else? Just about all food LOL! But my sweet guy cleared up within a week. It was the first time I had SLEPT in 6 months. There is nothing like colic in a child with bad allergies and every inch of their skin itching. Sigh. Anyways, for us, it was dairy, eggs, corn and sesame. Since then I went on a full blown probiotics regiment with him and he went from epipen allergies for eggs and dairy to being able to eat both. Raw milk, but still, milk. I'm a firm probiotics for eczema gal now. Dealing with the sensitivities with gut health really saved me when I realized I had birthed another baby with eczema issues. ACK!

Anyways, (((hugs)))) it really is such a guessing game. I mean coconut oil or not, lotion works for a day then stops working, bathe more often or less often? homemade laundry soap? Soap at all? Dairy? Eggs? Clothing? ((hugs)) and prayers to you

I am blessed! said...

I have 3 with varying degrees of eczema. I'm terrible about caring for it. I remind them to put on their lotion. Fortunately, for my kids it seems to be lessening as they get older.

Kimberly said...

Analene, I am so sorry to hear about your little guy!!! Praying for healing! Sounds similar to my journey with thrush! Praying, Kimberly

Xenia Kathryn said...

I'm not expert on eczema nor have any of my kids suffered from it. However, my sister (who is working on becoming a nutritional therapist) has written extensively on childhood eczema. Check it out, perhaps there's something useful for you there.

Take care, and big hugs to a long-suffereing mama and baby! :)

Xenia Kathryn said...

OOPS. Here's the url to her eczema article:

Jana said...

Avoiding coffee?!? Now I am truly impressed. ;)

Poor little buglet! So hard to watch them be miserable. Hopefully in a few more weeks, it'll all be out of his system, and everyone will be feeling better.

Faith Alterton said...

Ditto on the full sized crib sheet for a porta-crib. And on using flannel ones. And if the little guys is a drooler, the trouble could be related to the moisture and chafing. With wet guys sometimes you can use a cotton bath town beneath the sheet as an extra absorbent mattress pad. Most mattress pads I've found in stores are synthetic and pretty flimsy. Hope he's still getting better!