Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For a Song

This is a little piece of artwork I whipped out the last two days.
Just because it was "whipped out" doesn't mean it was made without a great deal of thought and love. In fact, this one is particularly full of both love and thought - as well as a great deal of prayer.

I do love to draw and am learning to appreciate the paintbrush, but it's been a long journey to realize just WHY I create.

There are two reasons primarily.
The first is because it puts a song in my heart; the other is because I love to make other hearts sing.

I have been making stationary and drawing on commission for the last 10 years plus, but I have always been in turmoil about payment!
What to do - what to do?
How can I put a price on my baby?!

People don't understand (or like) the idea of paying for someone else's creativity, and it's awfully hard to charge by the hour on something like artwork.

Creative genius can well up and overflow from productivity to completion in a mere two hours, or it can take days.

and days.

You artist type know.

After several years of deliberation and some failed attempts at solving this dilemma, I finally gave myself permission to draw and create, and give it all away for nothing more than that song I spoke of earlier.

Sometimes I have the pleasure to see the smile that pays for all that thought and love, and other times my heart sings for the Lord alone.

The later is the case this time.
The painting above will travel to Arizona as a gift for one of AJ's co-workers.

He and his wife gave birth to a beautiful and tiny daughter last Friday, but sweet Gabriella was 22 weeks premature and did not live long after.
(Please pray for their family as the Lord prompts)

I've never met Gabriella's parents or siblings, and anyway what would I say to someone who has just lost their child - their very heart?
I am not one for words (believe me!), but sometimes the Lord allows me the privilege of sharing my heart another way - like in this instance.

If it's possible to wrap a Hug from the Heavenly Father and mail it to Arizona, and if He sees fit to make me His hands for that purpose...
What better payment could I ever ask for!

There is no higher joy than the delight of creating as an expression of belonging to The Creator.

...Unless it's creating something just to make HIS heart sing:-)


Sarah said...

That is a beautiful touching tribute.

Diane said...

This will be a blessing to them I am sure. I admire you so much how you let the Lord work through you.

Lady Jess said...

I'm sure the Lord is with them at this time. Thank you for sharing this with us. We will be in prayer for their family.

pinamarie said...

I have always loved your artwork, but it seems as if these recent paintings (marvel hill and the baby one) are extraordinary! I am jealous of your talent!!

princessmama said...

It is such a privilege to be His hands in whatever way He has gifted us. I love discovering the ways He's made me to touch others. Beautiful painting Analene!

Love you :)

Photo Momma said...

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

A quote for you from John Eldredge's book called Wild at Heart. Sounds like your art is part of what makes you come alive... which is part of why I continue my photography. It is awesome to allow the Lord to use your talents for His glory!

Katie said...

Your talent has always amazed me and graces my home through several of your pieces. I have always cherished the ones that you have made specifically for our family. Rosie has 5 of your pieces framed and in her room.

I am sure that this family will be blessed by your beautiful drawing during their time of sorrow.

Miss jane said...