Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching Up

Are you tired of pictures and no words?
I think it's rare that anyone wants words without pictures, but sometimes one gets to wondering if there's a story behind the photos!
FYI, there are.  Lots.  I think the pictures tell enough though, and if you're wondering what else is going on in our lives I'll tell ya:

 We are still with AJ's folks in California.  It's been sunny and Spring-ish, but April arrived with it's trademark sprinkling and cool to nearly-nippy cold weather.
My birthday was yesterday.  31 this year.  30 was good to me so I don't mind stepping into the next age as gracefully as possible.  AJ and I took the Bugs for a drive and a short hike to Bald Rock, then my husband took me to dinner at Johnnie's, at the Hotel Diamond in Chico, of which there are no pictures - we managed to live even without the camera to document ;-)
This weekend AJ is helping my brother move some stuff to Idaho where his family will be our new neighbors.  This is the best of news!  I have missed my family the last two years in Colorado, and can't wait to live close enough to possibly bug each other:-)  In all seriousness, Char and Hannah are our best friends.  It's unlikely we'll grow tired of each other any time soon.

School continues.  Amongst other things we finished reading a "Happy Hollisters" book which I was a hit.  We are now on to "Catch 'em Alive Jack" an autobiography of Jack Abernathy.  I hope it's good - we LOVED reading about his two little boys who crossed the West on horseback alone at the ages of 5 and 9.  Apparently Jack caught a number of wolves by shoving his fist into their open mouths.  Sound like a story for boys?  I hope so.
Carolina is getting so stinkin' persnickity!  If she wasn't so stinkin' cute, it'd be all out war for sure.
She says to me while pointing to Bryce "He a li'l wo-man"
me: "No Carolina.  He's a little man"
her: "No.  He a li'l wo-man"
me: "Boys are a little man, and girls are little women.  You are a little wo-man!"
In halting baby speech she puts me in my place: "No. YOU are  a  stink-y  li'l  WO-man!"

And so I am chastened even if it be a somewhat embelished version of the truth.

As for baby brother, he's recovering from being called a "li'l wo-man"
It hasn't seemed to faze his tiny ego.  He grunts boy-speak and kicks his legs with the passion of one dreaming of joining the ranks, and ASAP!

Things are well with us.
Very well.


Pam said...

Good news about California and new beloved neighbors. Glad you are a stinkin lil ol woman, cuz our kids know, don't they! Lol.

By the way, my cape is on order. Can I get you one too. Comes in handy when you need to jump over laundry and fly out into reality for a moment. I'll have the blue. Green for you?

Momma Bug said...

Green would be perfect!

Grace McHugh said...

Thank you for catching us up. I am excited to check out those books you mentioned. Wolves and anything on horsebook will be a joy to my little ones. What a blessing to have family living close to you. WOO HOO!!!

Morgan said...

How fun that your brother and his family will be your neighbors!

Carolina is hilarious! That totally cracked me up!!

Diane said...

That picture of Sue and Bryce is too cute for words! Carolina is gonna be a firecracker! Watch out world...Carolina has arrived! Too funny.

princessmama said...