Sunday, April 25, 2010

Promised Moose

Out our kitchen window past the Aladin lamp on the sill...
a Moose.  

You can see how Olivia thought it was a Horse.  It does look rather similar, but... we were above it in elevation.
If seen from the same level plane, I'm pretty sure that she would have appeared her right and gangly size: LARGE.

Due to a CD recommended by Uncle Gordon and given to the kiddos by Gramsie, whenever we see a Moose we now break out in song!
Yes, we ARE a little zany.  But then... did I need to tell you that?

*FYI (CD is called "Moose Tunes" and our favorite song is "A Moose With A Cowlick")
Shauna, Lauren, Christabelle, I think you need this ;-)


The Zimmerman Family said...

Hmmm ... we'll have to check that CD out! : )

It looks like your moose have bigger ears than ours. :D I'll have to post some moose pictures soon! Maybe I'll do the ones of the cow and two calves in the middle of the hospital parking lot in the middle of town....

princessmama said...

I think I've seen that cd and thought "Hmm, I bet that would be a hit" I'll have to check it out.

And, A Moose!!! Wow! :) I know you've posted pictures of them before. They still amaze me. I've heard rumors they are insane, I think I'd be a little afaid to go outside with them around ;-)

Christabelle said...

I love this! Have you named her yet? We love to sing, too. That CD sounds like fun!