Monday, April 26, 2010


Catching you up with a few pictures, as today... (drum roll please) we got the zippy-fast Internet connection (for a fee and the price of one gorgeous tree limbed bare so an antenna could be installed at the top).

It IS fast though, so what does that mean?  Uploading pictures will now be a breeze.  Truth to tell, we didn't get our new antenna for my blog.  It's intended use is for AJ's work, and it will be an amazing blessing for that purpose!
Since we have it though...

Moving dirt (just out the front door)

Holding up a tree

Moving rocks

Making a new friend

New neighbors :-)

New gas lights

New kitchen cabinets (I love you IKEA!)

Playing Gin (I just adore that lovely ACE toilet in the background!)

My poor children are still sick.  I haven't even let them out of the house to play with our new neighbors (their cousins).  Partly because the Cousins are Sick with a stomach bug, and since that is about the one thing we haven't got...
I don't want it. Selfish, I know.
All that to say, they have the most real form of Cabin Fever you ever heard of.  I mean, we DO live in a cabin after all!
I took them on a walk this evening while there was still sunlight, but it was hard for the boys especially because I kept saying:
"Don't run!'
"Don't climb on that!"
"Don't yank on that tree!"
"Come here!"
"Slow down!"

And that is because any time any one of the kiddos gets little rowdy, a coughing fit ensues.
I'm trying to avoid that.
I want them well.
THEY want them well.
We all -
want to be well.

It's Springtime in Idaho for goodness sakes!


SarahJane said...

Hey there old (but still very young) friend!! I love the stories and pics of your place. So very lovely. Hey, buess what....hold on to your hat...I blogged. Just a little update. Mostly for you. And any other stragglers might still hop over there now and then :)
love ya

Grace McHugh said...

Look at all that lovely dirt for your children to play in! And riding bikes through it. Any boy's dream. I am so excited for you Analene! How fun to see your dreams turning into real beauty.

gramsie said...

Soooooo good to get a peek at the new happenings, Ana! I love your new kitchen cabinets & seeing the familiar things arranged with your special touch on their shelves! Praying you will all soon be well!
Love you!

princessmama said...

Hurray for pictures ;)
Hope you are all well soon!

JMB said...

What an adventure! How exciting. These are the time of which memories are made. Enjoy.
I wanted to offer a bit of advice. In the beginning of our homestead, we too has a "mouse in the house" or rather a few. A neighbor gave us EJ Kitty. NO MORE MICE...not one! EJ stays outside and is sometimes gone for days at a time...cattin' around...but I guess even having his scent around keeps the mice away. We have alot of wildlife too and just have to depend on nature to adapt.
I look forward to following your wonderful yet challenging life. Thanks for sharing.

LindaFaye said...

love the photos!!

Momma Bug said...

Brenda, Thanks for the advice because we've been putin' off "pets".
We've always known animals were in our future because we'll need a couple big dogs to keep away the larger wildlife, and because we have... well, we have girls. Susanna would love to have something fuzzy to care for - it would beat a Beetle silly!
Maybe for her birthday?
It could work ;-)
I'd like the mices to go away!