Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Thought it was Spring?

It SNOWED today!

I stole my precious new neighbor (my sis-in-law and friend) away from her family for an hour and we had Tea in the living room.

The children are still sick, but we've had lots of productive school time.

I saw "THE EYES" last night on the way to the outhouse.  They were small and close together and... yellow this time.  I think it was a Fox (?)  It's fun to guess anyway.  When I brought AJ out to show him, my "Eyes" were gone and his encouraging words were: "I think a Mountain Lion is stalking you."
Thanks Babe.

Now for a good story:

A ways back I made a new friend in the blogosphere. She goes by  Xenia Katherine and is an amazing artist - I love her work! Some months ago, Xenia Katherine said she'd like a copy of the Marvel Hill Poster I painted for AJ... IN TRADE.
I asked if she was serious, and we agreed to trade original artwork.  I painted an original Marvel Hill for her with some minor differences tailored to her family, and she?
Well I said "I'd like a lot of color, but surprise me!"
On our way through Oregon I had the pleasure to meet my new blogging friend as we made the trade.  I couldn't believe she pulled it off - I know what real life looks like after all - but she did!
I am so very delighted with the beautiful Ink and Watercolor she created for me (and I hope you don't mind me sharing it friend).
I am blessed beyond words!

Dear K.T.,

Thank you my friend, for staying up late and letting me drop in on you.  I'm sure that was a little risky - we never having met!  
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your beautiful artwork - it just makes me smile.  And smile...
Thank you.

Please ask Steven to forgive me for calling him Jon.  It's fairly evident that I am losing my marbles and I feel terrible, just terrible about giving him a name that isn't his!  (Steven, thanks for not throwing me out of your house! HA!)
I really would have loved to study every beautiful thing on your walls - your home was so warm and friendly.  I'm sorry we didn't get to let the children play, but I'm glad you didn't get exposed to our sickness.
I got a matting cut for your painting yesterday, but didn't find the frame I wanted.  However, I did find one here in the house that needs a new life.  Perhaps it is meant to be.  If not, I'll have a place to keep it from getting ruined until I find that "perfect frame".

I love you dear friend!  I am so excited to get out my Ink and colors - you inspire me!  Keep up the wonderful wonderful work.



2homeschool said...

Ha! Not real helpful is he... lol. Mountain lion indeed! Hopefully not! :-)

I hope your all on the mend. Say howdy to your new neighbors for us!

I would love to come your direction, but I don't see that happening anytime soon... I'll write you with a little more detail soon.

Love you lots!

SarahS said...

Mountain lion! Good grief. Let's hope it's not!

Lovely pictures both, how fun to trade :)

Xenia Kathryn said...

Oh Analene, you are so sweet! I'm so glad that we got to meet... I'm such a night owl, I feel quite "at home" with late-night guests :D It was such a blast to meet you and A.J.! Wish I could have met the kiddos, but I'm glad they could relax in the van for a bit.

You are so amazing-- traveling all the way out to my neck of the woods on such a horrible, stormy night! With 6 kids! After a full day of driving! I admire you so much.

And I have your art framed! AND I absolutely LOVE it! I feel so special having it in our home-- you really are so talented!!! Keep up the amazing work. I really can't believe you have six children... really, you inspire me so much! It just goes to show that keeping up hobbies AND being a mom is possible, (supportive husbands and a little extra caffeine certainly help, too, eh?).

Thanks for the post! What a treat :D

(Oh, and Steve didn't even notice you calling him Jon! I thought I heard it, and I asked him afterwards, and he was like, "No, she didn't call me Jon." Hahaha! So no worries there at all!! Come back and visit anytime :D)


P.S. Glad you made it home to Marvel Hill safely!

Momma Bug said...

Katie, I wish we could have driven that stretch from I5 in the daylight. I could tell that it's gorgeous country over there! I think Western Oregon is one of the loveliest places on earth. It was perfect that we were able to drive over that-a-way that evening, and then we stayed the night next to IKEA so it all worked out to my advantage ;-)

Just for the record, it's so nice to be admired but I have to tell you... Ones plate can be very full no matter the number of children. 6 certainly feels like a lot at times but so did three, four, and five. Some of the best advice I ever got from a mother of more than I had (in fact I was expecting my first or second) was:
"do EVERYTHING you can. One day you'll look back on this season and wish you'd appreciated the easy parts about it!"
That's a paraphrase, but I have remembered it and taken her advice.
Just enjoy those little ones, know the hard parts are a season too, and just do the best you can with the "full plate" you have.:-)
These days really are the "good old" ones we'll look back on with fondness. We'd better appreciate them while we are in the thick of it!

Love to YOU dear friend,

Grace McHugh said...

This was such a happy blog. I loved hearing your adventure to meet a new friend, and an artist at that! Thank you for sharing the beauty of both of your creations. Please post a picture once you have your new art work framed and hung. And it snowed here in Colorado yesterday. But we have sunshine and blue skies now!

Diane said...

It is so fun meeting people on the blogosphere! I love what K.T. painted for you and I hope to see it in person this summer!

Missing you,