Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm running low on PATIENCE, but ENDURANCE is on the up-swing.

"Can I get into the bath now?"  she says.

"No. You forgot something."   I say.

"Oh."  she says.

"What did you forget?" say I.

"I don't know"  she says

"Look at yourself."  I say.

(she looks)

"What do you see?"  I ask.

"Nothing" she says.

"What are you wearing?"  I ask.

"Nothing"  she says.
You ARE wearing something.  
That's why you can't get into the bath"  Say I.

"Look at your body.  Look at all your parts"  I say again.

(she peers down at herself)


"What do you see?" I ask.

"Nothing" she says again.

(exasperated, I sigh. Loudly)

"Caro-LIE-NAH!"  I say.

"Look at your arms.  What do you see?"  I ask.

"Nothing" she replies.

"Look at your tummy.  What do you see?"  I ask

"Nothing"  she says.

"Look at your legs.  What do you see?"  I ask

"Nothing" she says.

"Look at your feet Carolina.  What do you see?" say I.

"Nothing."  She says once more.

"Why?"  I ask "WHY do you see nothing?"

"Because I have my socks on"  she says.

You can't see your feet because your socks are on them.  
Do you think that might be a problem for getting into the bath?"

"Oh."  she says.

Sheesh......................... Thinks I.


Sally said...

Laughing myself silly!!!!

Julia said...


Pam... said...

Little sis. If they bathe with socks on, you get two things done for the time of one.
Must I teach you everything? LOL!

(Just pickin on you. That's my job and I love it.)

Momma Bug said...

Gee-wiz. What was I thinking?!
From now on, they all go into the bath with ALL their clothes on!

Momma Bug said...

In fact,

"Kids! Get all your dirty clothes and put them on. What? You're already wearing socks? Do you have more that are dirty? Put them on too! I don't care if you have three pair of underwear on already. They need to be washed don't they? Pam said...."

Thanks Pam. I'm excited now!

Pam... said...

Yes, and remember to only buy dark clothing so the dirt won't show!! Then they can bathe once a month whether they need it or not!!

Better yet, find a material that has a look of smudges, drool, dirt, yogurt...and make them clothes with it!! You wear it too. You will start a fashion trend for sure! Yay!