Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1000th post to proclaim to the world...

Bryce Endurance turns 2!

Which is an occasion to celebrate.
With presents of course.

Which meant good stuff.  To be inspected.

And played with.

And we can't forget singing "Happy Birthday"!
It's tradition to sing the Happy Birthday song as many times as we can throughout the day,
and by evening, after the example of his sister Sue, he was adding the finale
"And many mooooorrre"

We were sickies today and daddy wasn't here, but it was a grand birthday anyway!
We read Bryce's new book over and over again.  The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson.
My new favorite right up there with her book Bear Snores On.

We played Twister. 

My boy can twist, eh?

I don't think he won, but he sure gets points for effort!

Birthday was culminated with a bubble bath - while roaring at the mom behind the camera.

Last week I had a good heart-rending sob about giving up my baby to the ripe age of  2.
I've never done that.  Each age is so full of wonder and delight.  With each child of mine
I love to anticipate all the glory in the year to come, and every year has lived up to its promise.

From the day he was born, I have managed to savor the living being of my son Bryce in a different way.
I couldn't tell you why.  It's not that I love him more, and it could be that my own life circumstances
at that time caused me to focus more on the all-consuming-ness of him.  Whatever the reason, these
last two years have been more colorful, more tasty, more funny, more soft and hard, more loud,
and definitely, most definitely more entertaining.

This man-cub entered the world with an extra dose of the male hormone.  He is full-bore into everything
he does.  He barrels into you for a hug, he growls, he holds a fascination for all things mechanical, he bully's
his big sister and bosses the even-bigger one.  He stands on the arms of his highchair.
He talks.  BOY does he talk!  I should catalogue all the things he says, but it would take forever.
Among the things I often hear are:
"I do-it"
"Pease stop."
"Lookit DAT!"
"BIG'ol truck"
"I'm HUNgry"
"I wan-it"
and as he strokes dear Lori-bugs hair:  "Hi Fweet Honey!"

He can say anything, mimics most of what he hears, and generally keeps us in stitches.
I realize in my loathing to let this stage go, that what makes it so wonderful is the rate at
which he is learning new things.  If he continues at this pace, he can't help but grow up.
The world had better watch out!

Watch out world.  Here comes my Bryce!


Julia said...

What a character, Bryce is......Happy Birthday, little man! Two is such a FUN age!

JOHN said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Bryce !!! and many moooore ! Beautifully written MamaBug :)

Cinnamon said...

Oh my goodness....he is so cute!! Love the dump truck. So boy! Loved the maps on the wall - very nice!

So glad God gave him an extra does of BOY in him. He'll need it and it will drive the girlies crazy when he's older. Much older. Not anytime soon :-)

Why is it the younger ones boss the older ones around? I find it so funny. The older ones here LET our little guy boss them around. Wierd :-)

Sweet baby name "Lori bug" cuteness~

hugs to you sweet friend~ Cinnamon
p.s praying for your this morning ♥

outdoor.mom said...

Happy Birthday to him!! yes we are due to get together :-) my mama will be here for 2 weeks starting on Fri - hopefully after that we can arrange something!! Looking forward to seeing you!!

Sally said...

Loved the birthday pix and video--next best thing to being there. So glad the dump truck was a hit!

Jess said...

Two ALREADY? Surely not!

H0MEFree said...

Hope this new "Bryce" year is full of joy, love and blessings.

Cinnamon said...

Just watched the video with my dtr Gladys. Four things we LOVED about the video:

1. Bry-cee (awww!)
2. "let him play with it"
3. dump truck being pushed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as you hear the winding up motion being over winded :-)
4. His diaper poking out as he turns around and bends over.

Adorable! Thank you for sharing~