Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can you say "FUN!"?

And yet....

...the unthinkable occurred...

Not . one . single . trip . to . the . ER

I'm very disappointed in them.

The Smiths have a reputation to live up to and
we did our best to give them every opportunity for danger or peril.

But instead those doggone Smiths went ahead and had a good time - injury-free!

Did you know we're raising Rocket Scientists?

** The Great Launch **

New porch came in handy!


Alright, so the Smiths added considerably to OUR fun as well!

Wanna see Mrs. Smith playing on the swing?

Our final adventure was a jaunt to Priest Lake for a picnic.

Yack Yack Yack.................

Dear Smiths,
We love you each so much.  Hurry back!


Cinnamon said...

OH that looks like such fun, visiting, playing, launching. Fun Fun FUN!

Is that the new porch? I love it. That stove is beautiful!!


Momma Bug said...

Mmmm.... yes. New porch on guest cabin. We missed you this year :-)