Saturday, September 24, 2011

Indian-Summer Evening

There must be few pleasures greater 
than living in in "the good ol' days"
and knowing that's what they are.


Cinnamon said...

Great moments captured!

Your family does exactly what we do. We have kiddos in life jackets going every which was in their own canoe (we love our canoe!), another in the row boat with Papa, some on the shore playing or freezing in a towel, and then there's always a few fishing off the dock :-) So fun!

Aloria is beautiful. Those tender eyes seem to light up with her sweet smile. Give her a little sweet hug from Rosie~


Xenia Kathryn said...

What an incredible quote! Are those your words?

Gorgeous photos, as always!

Way to stay focused in the here and now. I need to do this more often!!

Hope you're well, friend.

Momma Bug said...

Thank you Katie! Yes. They don't sound very original, but they're mine as far as I know :-) Take-em please!
Wanna trade art again? I just LOVE my KT painting but it's outdated now.
No matter as far as my wall is concerned - your painting will be there until the house burns down probably.

I AM well, and blessed with undeserved favor.


SarahJane said...

Ok, I'm gonna steal your closing quote. Love it! Love you my friend. Let's catch up soon!
Love, Sarah Jane

Xenia Kathryn said...

I'd love to trade art again! You need something with sweet Aloria, for sure :D

Do you have a picture in mind? Send me an e-mail and we can chat some more.

Oohh... I'm so excited! Thanks for your compliment, that means so much. I still love your art too, so this would be quite a steal!

:D Love to all!

Diane said...

Hi friend. I am keeping up with your posts, just mostly from my phone and for some reason, it doesn't let me comment. :(

I love all the pictures and at least somewhat keeping up on your adventures.

We are definately overdue a phone chat. I love you!