Thursday, January 5, 2012

a study in pink

beautiful pink pixie
teething pixie not-so-smiling pixie
brother-proclaimed "best friend" and it's already so true.
talking baby gibberish that everyone wants to translate
"do you want me?  do you need this?  can i kiss you little sis?"
very gifted little girl, given cars and dinosaurs and fingernail polish,
train parts, stretchy lizard toys, rubber snake or hair brush.
every now and then "do you want a bite of my carrot? my cracker? my candy cane?"
watchful eyes are needed when your adoring fans are near.
but watching isn't work when the subject is you.
sweet, darling pixie.


SarahS said...

:) So sweet

Courtney said...

Oh Analene, She is so beautiful!
I am missing you my friend!

Cinnamon said...

She is beautiful!! Pink looks good on her.

Watchful eyes are needed here too as Rosie prances around picking up EVERYTHING off the floor :-0

Enjoyed our chat. Sorry it was cut short by Rosie dear. Can you believe her.....needing to be fed at such a late hour? hee hee