Saturday, January 7, 2012

Truly Saturday

Sittin' in the car this Saturday late aftrnoon.
ridin' around town with my Love and all the buglets, avoiding the bracing cold OUTSIDE the vehicle.  Randy Travis and Hank Williams sernade us while daddy runs into Home Depot.  It's nice to be doing absolutely nothing... and I'm enjoying it fully!
It happens that I need an excuse to play with this handheld compter AJ passed down to me, so let's make this a really fun Saturday-mobile-blogging-experiment, and I'll leave you with a high quality photo (taken with my handy-dandy device) that will make you smile :-)


Pam... said...

Good thing you don't have too much leisure time. Who knows what could happen?

I remember those days of all little ones in the car for a road trip. All buckled and content, some snoozing, and a 'date' for me and my man where we could actually talk! We sure went on lots of those road trips. Before big gas prices, ya know. Good old days.

Momma Bug said...

I DO not say so, but SOME people say I know how to have a good time...

Also Pam, I find that I fill my leisure time a lot more efficiently when I am busy most all the rest of the time. But fill it I do :-)

Come play?

Cinnamon said...

Silly....Goofy....Funny... Smiling.

Loved your off the cuff experimental photo. Now get those sweet children to take some pictures - children have the most amazing eye for pictures and take them from the neatest angles.

Happy Sunday!


Diane said...

The secret is out - you ARE fun! Lol

Had you on my mind. We are do for a phone call. Got a little story to tell you!

Loving you,