Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marvel Hill Wonderland

We wondered when the winter would come.
It has.

Oh to be cozied in with fire-warmth and hot tea!  Even school is an inspiration when we can wrap
ourselves in blankets while we read together.  The snow started up yesterday evening, and is adding inches
as I sit here typing.  The boys completed their assignments in double-time so they could get out and
"dig paths" in the deep powder. My littlest ones are supposed to be napping.  They were sleepy today
and I reminded them to look out their windows at the treetops bowed over, and count the falling flakes.
It's a mesmerizing business looking up into a sky of flurrying whiteness!

What are we looking at here, rip-roaring fire? Or the face in front of it all?
Now that's a silly question!

Red Rooibos Red Roobos, might I love you so well?  Possibly if blended with hints of Vanilla... mmm...

 Snow shoes on the guest cabin deck
behind the falling snow, and awaiting to trod out new adventure!

Hell-Oooo Unc!

Anyway, all this to say:  "Quite nice" and to show you why I think so.
Yes, quite nice indeed.


Design Engineer said...

I sure do love this place in the Winter! It is great to share so much fun with family and friends! Nice post sis!

Momma Bug said...

Nice Handle you have there Bro!

It's wonderful to have such handsome family to post pictures of ;-)

Momma Bug said...

I heard the Up-hill neighbors were coming to dinner - what glad tidings! More cozy winter partying!

Cinnamon said...

That looks so cozy and very beautiful! What marvelous pictures of your little hide-away in the mountains.

How ever do you keep the littles away from the fire? But I guess they do learn early what *HOT* means. Ours did without ever getting burned.

Happy Winter friend~ Cinnamon