Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stuff and Things

Spice of Life

1)   "Bella Peppers" and "Cal-girls"  will be missed when Bell Peppers and Cowgirls are discovered.

2)   The only thing I've found to dislike about snow is the amount of wet clothes, gloves, and hats
       it produces and which consume every toasty inch in front of my wood stove.
      (like how I said that - my wood stove.)

3)   Do you ever plan to sip something hot, but keep putting it off until...
      that diaper is changed, fire stoked, face wiped, chore delegated, ponytail brushed, shower taken,
      reading commenced, wet hair combed, bottle warmed, sippy cup filled, toast buttered, sandwich made,
      call returned, copy work assigned, story read, counter wiped, baby cuddled, water reheated...
      I do.
      It happens to me pretty much every day.

4)   I waffle between pulling my hair out, and chuckling when I see URGENT spelled correctly on one line,
      then not being able to decipher it on the next.  ERJNT.
      Supposedly it is not to late for a ten year old to learn how to spell.
      It is not an "erjnt" matter at this time.

5)   However much I miss my man when he travels, I love to make meatloaf and butternut squash
      when he's gone. 
      I love it even more that 6 other people enjoy eating it with me.
      I love it best when he's back home, and I still have leftover meatloaf for my lunch!

6)   I hope the little guy never outgrows:
     "You're Lel-come"
     "I love you mom"

     "You're my precious mommy"  He really-truly said that to me.

7)   It would appear that 7-9 hours of sleep is now a reality in my life.  I don't believe in jinxes, so I won't
      knock on wood.  However, I sure hope my body gets used to sleep again because right now it is
      not happy Bob. Not happy.  It's been running on fumes long enough to think it needs a few months worth
      of 9 hour nights before it catches up.
      I'm working on that.

8)  Quiet is good company.
      So is a house-rattling stampede and riotous laughter.
      Particularly if enjoyed after schoolwork and chores, and especially when followed by quiet.

9)   There used to be days in which morning hours dragged on.
      Then there were days in which evening hours dragged on.
      Now there are no hours that drag.  Not a one.
      How come nap hours never drag on?

10)  If the hours don't drag on
       and there's riotous laughter coming from the stampede upstairs
       and my tiredness means I'm actually getting more sleep...
       If my children are learning, and their learning makes me chuckle
       and the wet clothes mean they get out in the snow...
       If meatloaf is for dinner, and if Bryce thinks I am precious
       if coffee, tea, or chocolate is had for sipping - hot or cold...
       Then I'll relish Bella Peppers, Cal-girls, chubby babies,
       glowing wood stove, books for reading, silly spelling,
       and my handsome Honey who comes home.



And that's what putters along in my brain after all the bugletts have gone to bed. 

Today there were moments better forgotten as well, but they aren't worth the mention.
Besides, I like to remember my life like this - it's pretty wonderful!


Marie said...

Beautifully written !!! and after all is said and is "pretty wonderful!" Thank you for the reminder ! I just adore your little precious :)

Sally said...

Wonder if Bryce will take to cooking the way his big brother has? So fun to see them working on a project like that together :o)

Momma Bug said...

YES! I knew you'd appreciate those pictures mom. Bryce certainly has the best trainer there is! It was pure joy to listen in to all the gentle instruction-giving :-)

Pam... said...

Huh? Whadjasay? Lol!
I love hearing about your messy, chaotic, lovely, wonderful, dripping, sapped out, drained out, read out, cuddly, beautiful marvel-ous days.

SarahS said...

Pretty wonderful indeed :)

Cinnamon said...

I had to laugh at pretty much everything you wrote.

Today, twice, I had put on the kettle for some tea and came back 20 minutes later. Someone had turned off my kettle. My tea cup sat there empty and I started the process ALL over again :-) So you're in good company!

Sleep? What in the world is it like to get THAT much sleep? I'm good on 2 hrs of sleep at a time. If Rosie is being really nice, I get 4 hrs :-) but not lately. Lately I'm tired. TIRED!

And where is miss Aloria? sipping Mama's vanilla tea somewhere?


Jana said...

I love hearing of the spices in your life and the way you savor all their flavors. :)