Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Memories are Made of

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Weekend!

I'm a sucker for weekends that are different from the rest of the week.
And that would infer a pretty special day or two since the weekdays are
hard to beat!
Today... sleeping in, then staying toasty in bed as long as we like, followed
by a hot shower, omelet, and then going out to play in the snow together!

It's a lot of time and effort to suite up this many people in snow clothes, then
add to that a thermos of Apple Cider and a bag of Popcorn, stuffing babies into
backpacks, and strapping on several pair of snowshoes, and I bet we took an
hour at least.  Cross your fingers that no one needs to go potty after we get to
that point!

Up the hill we went, to Uncle Char and Auntie Hannah's - they really do have
the best sledding hills.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Mmm-Mhm!
It was a perfect weekend day!


Marie said...

Great job capturing your family time on camera....precious pics :)
Enjoy the snow !

Cinnamon said...

Oh my!! I love the picture of sweet little dumpling sleeping in the pack. So peaceful. As though she's snug as a bug! Cuteness.

I love your day! What a beautiful memory captured in such happy pictures. Great job Mama!


Amanda said...

Oh that snow looks so fun!!
Your family is precious... and BIG. love it :)

JMB Ranch said...

Its a winter wonderland! How beautiful....snow and buglets!
Weekends are just the best.
Enjoy making those memories that will forever be in your heart and mind.

Momma Bug said...

Amanda I'm glad you stopped by!
Thank you :-) said...

amazing great shots!! you have this way of capturing the most awesome family pics!! love them!!

The Munck Family said...

Oh that looked like a great day filled with loads of memories!!! How blessed you are.

Laura said...

you have so many beautiful pics on here!! I am loving catching up!!