Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It hardly gets better than this!

We had the privilege of friends who wanted to share a week of our lives recently.
They braved the winter and ice - for there hadn't been a fresh snow in many days,
but ice we had in abundance.
They mastered use of the cabin heater
and hunkered down under blankets when it was necessary.  
Tromp back and forth from cabin to house they did, to join us for life, and tea, and generous portions of 
fellowship spiced with conversation in all it's colorful hues.  Then tromped back again
to the guest quarters to nap, to rest, to silence,
and perhaps escape from our gusto for a while.

How rich we are.  How blessed in our friendships.  How thankful.
In these interactions, these days and moments, we are reminded that 
this truly is 
 a little piece of Heaven.



Cinnamon said...

J*E*A*L*O*U*S! :-)


Jana said...


Xenia Kathryn said...

Hi Friend!
Thank you for your sweet comment. It is SO good to hear from you!
I keep attempting to re-adding your blog to my rss feed, but it always deletes it... :( I need to figure out another method.
Your family is beyond beautiful, as always! Say hello to everyone, and keep cozy with your 7 blessings :D

outdoor.mom said...

really cute :-)