Friday, March 9, 2012

Grace-filled days

Dear Grandma's,

I have been pretty busy.  Maybe no more than usual, but "usual" is busy enough!

When my Beloved is nearby in the evenings I cuddle on the couch and visit long.
When company comes through our neck of the woods there is a blessed increase
in the visiting department.
With children getting bigger overnight, some are allowed the privilege of staying up late.
I figure if they don't sleep they can't get bigger...?
And the days?  24 hours here are as a wool sweater run through the dryer on high heat.
The days have shrunk considerably in recent years and I am impressed by how much
of my life is spent in the kitchen :-)

The other evening our friends were over.  We girls were laughing about how quickly our
husbands fall asleep: when the head hits the pillow.  No whispered visits in bed!
The husbands retaliate with something like "Beds are for sleeping in" and that's when I was hit
with the ironic truth:  for moms, bed is a base of operations for the dark hours.
That's it.
We merely get comfortable before a little one calls, or a baby needs to eat, or a big one has a
distressing dream and needs a hug.  After a pizza night there are always parched lips and water
refills.  Certain nights there is a parade to the potty.  Sometimes sleep is delayed  interrupted just
because we wait for what comes next - on those nights no one needs mom until she closes her
eyelids and (temporarily) dozes off.
That's life.  In talking to Molly the last few days (the first days at home with a brand new baby boy)
we've agreed that some things are inevitable so it's worth looking for the joy in every moment.
Diaper disasters, blood sugar lows, and a lake of pee on the floor included.

There may be an exception for vomit.

Don't wag your head and wonder how I do it.  Every day I ask myself  how all the other moms do it!
I'm not being modest to say that our delightfully chaotic survival depends on grace 100%.
Don't worry if I don't get around to posting thoughts and pictures as often as I sometimes have.

Grace is in full swing here :-)

You are my inspiration!
I love you.

help with math

susanna made body butter

prepared for.... anything!


Marie said...

You..MamaBug...are the inspiration! I absolutely love reading your updates and yes, I can relate to some of what is going on when you aren't able to update (smile). Our children only grow up once and I'm trying not to blink my eyes very often for fear of missing something!!! I think the last pic is my favorite...take care :)

Pam... said...

Amazing grace. How sweet the sound. May you gather it up in abundance every morning like manna friend.

Rebekah said...

How nice to wake up in the morning and get to read your blog updates!They help me in life , if nobody else! They encourage and inspire me and we need more mothers like you to treasure their children and family like you do!May God Bless All of you!

Jana said...

That body butter looks edible! Lovely! What's the scent?

Cinnamon said...

Beautifully put.

There's a recipe coming with that body butter right? It looked creamy enough to eat!

Miss you friend but I completely understand lakes of pee on the floor, closing your eyes just long enough to be called to action.....and I love that term "base of operations" too funny! too true!

Aloria is getting soo big and completely beautiful like the rest of those cutie pies.

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Sally said...

Ahhhh! There you are!!! I have been missing you--tried to call a few times--wondered if Miss Molly had her new little one as yet (Sure was hoping so!)
I do miss your blog entries and am loving seeing all the pix of people so dear to my heart--thanks for making time to add all the photos (I know they take awhile!). Hope to catch up this weekend! Heartfulls of love, dearest Ana!

SarahS said...

Oh Analene! Your attitude is an inspiration as always:) Love the beautiful pics of your kiddos!

Jess said...

Crazy busy days for both of us my friend. We need eternity to catch up on all the chats we're missing!

Love you.

JMB Ranch said...

I are an inspiration!
My heart smiles at your young life full of choas and precious children. Time passes all too quickly and every day are memories made. Thanks for sharing.
Garden time is getting close!