Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Color - one way or another!

If you were to swing by my cabin in the woods one day when you happened
to be out and about, you would discover that I am a lover of color.
I didn't know it when I was young - except that I had a staunch devotion to
the color green from as early as age 3.  It's rumored that my Grama couldn't convince
me to try on a sweet little red dress she'd bought for me.
"Why won't you try it on?" she asked.
"Because."  said I, "I don't like red. I only like green"
To that fine woman's credit, she took me at my word, and from that day forward
I was the happy recipient of every green item a girl could want.

Grama had a penchant for red though, and today it would seem providence is repaying
her for her grandmotherly affection as I am hooked on that fantabulously cheerful color!

Red is not where it stops however, and it's my own mother I often think of as I amass
art, and kitchenware, and quilts, and mugs, and signs, and powder coated cans and totes
in every bright rainbow color.  She has always been a woman who has understood having
things around that make your spirit sigh with contentment and delight.

At first I didn't know I had it in me, as I tried to coordinate hues.
To embrace whites.  To stick to a scheme.
My mistake.
It turns out I have that spirit which sighs too when it sees something happy.  And colorful things?
They make me smile :-)  So now I fill my eye, my closet, my kitchen, and pretty much my
entire house with bright happiness that makes my heart sing!

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't feel a bit embarrassed for wearing a lilac skirt with pink socks
and blue house shoes (I might be embarrassed about the dirt on my shoes - yikes!)
Throw on a bright apron and I have something kind of like fireworks!  Hope you're eye's aren't sensitive :-D

I like it.  It keeps my spirit in fresh supply of sighs :-)

Cherry Red
Lime Green and Teal side by side, not too much though and definitely not on a car.
Jewel Tones for wearing
Orange for a playful pop on a yellow or blue wall.
Meyer Lemon Yellow.  Not to wear, but as one occasional accent here and there.
Butter Yellow for wall paint.
Blues - Robins Egg, Azure, Sky, Ice blue, Cobalt, Periwinkle.... who doesn't like blue?
Green.  I am always loyal to my first color-love.  I have a theory that God is partial to green too
and I can't wait to see it start popping out from twigs and branches everywhere!
Come Spring!


Cinnamon said...

Oh I can see that you and my Gracie girl will get along fabulously. She loves green. If you put our girls together, each with their own favorite color, you'd have a beautiful rainbow.

I love color too. I have tried embracing "one" scheme but it never seems to work. That's probably why I *love* Mary Engelbreit. Such beautiful artwork.

Of course I love yours too!

Get back to you on that email. I'll see if I can squeeze a date out of my husband for July.

big colorful hugs~ Cinnamon

Diane said...

I love purple - and I always consider periwinkle a shade of purple... But mom always says I'm just colorblind. Lol we always have this Playful banter "is it blue?" "NO it's purple!" lol

Love having color around. And by the way I'm thinking I will be able to start Bryce's blanket this week. :)

Momma Bug said...

I think Periwinkle DEFINITELY has a purple tint. Periwinkle is such a nicer word than purple though, don't you think?

Maybe I'm color blind too :-D

Diane said...

Finally someone agrees with me. Thanks friend! lol. And yes, Perwinkle is a fun word...for a FUN color, my favorite, PURPLE! lol

Haven't quite gotten to the blanket yet...this thing called Life keeps happening. haha