Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Traditions

We recently decided to get away from the house for part of our weekends.
No matter how good our intention, it's often difficult to focus on having fun with the kiddos
when little chores cry out for this one thing and that quick fix and one last... whatever.
Tooooo many distractions. Period. And getting out the driveway is a great way for us to pour all our
energy into distraction-less fun!

Today we needed to split and stack more firewood,
Our leaky shower needed fixing,
Laundry is piled high in the living room needing to be folded and put away...

But we left it all for a picnic at the lake.



Let me tell you!  It was fre e e e e ezing cold down there by the lake
and so windy I  had to turn into the wind to take a bite of my sandwich -
but then my knuckles got so cold I thought it might be worth eating the
hair in my face to take bites with my back to the wind.
I advised whomever suggested our picnic to choose a warmer day in future!

We later took a drive up to the ski resort village and it was sunny
(and warm even) up on the mountain.  I definitely caught Spring Fever while we were out :-)

What a grand way to spend a day together!

I can't really say I missed stacking firewood,
or folding laundry
and I'm perfectly willing to take baths this week instead of showers
if this is the trade ;-)

I think it's looking like a good tradition!


Shannon said...

Sounds like a pretty good tradition. I know I feel like I am forever going to be stuck at home sometimes because there is not such thing as having it all done. {sigh} Maybe scheduling some 1-2 hour outings every Saturday or a "Sunday drive" is just the thing!

Diane said...

Love it! Sometimes getting away despite the long to-do list is just "what the dr ordered". :) glad to see you had a fun outing. I will call this week! Love you.

Marie said...

Love your new tradition! You're givin' me ideas:) What a precious family!!! Take care.

Cinnamon said...

You two are the picture of cuteness. Do you know that? Sweet love!

John and I were just talking about having "fun" while "out" with the children. Making trips fun. Making outings fun. Doing things as a family take a lot of work and sometimes that work, the needs that are constant can suck the fun right out of the great day. So I know whatcha mean dear friend.

Beautiful pictures of the children. Although I missed seeing a picture of Aloria. Oh I saw the car seat where she was probably warm and snug. I bet she is getting so big!

And that Bryce--- such a cutie pie!

hugs~ Cinnamon

Sally said...

I loved all the pix--especially the ones of you and AJ since we rarely get a peek at your faces! Can't believe how long-leggedy the older kiddos are getting...and Lina too is losing her tiny girl look and joining the ranks of big girl these you all so much!


Rebekah said...

Nice get away...Im in love with your state! The pictures are so pretty and your kids are so sweet!Hope you have a wonderful week!

Momma Bug said...

Thanks All!

Yes Aloria was the smart one and stayed in her warm seat during the picnic, but was then in my arms (along with the camera) for the mountain pictures :-)

It's nice to get a few pictures to prove that me and mine are still a hot item, and it'll be a relief to him to hear that he's cute! :-D

It IS a beautiful State - particularly (and on this I am biased) this far northerly part of it thank you!

As to legs, there are about 14 of them that are ALL getting long.
And fast.
And hollow.
:-) said...

you are looking TINY!! Good job losing your baby weight :-) Looks like an awesome day!!