Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Spring?

Snowflakes float from the sky in large clusters
making them appear as goose down shaken from a pillow.

There is practically no sign of Spring here except warmer temperatures
which melt snow causing water to drip from eves, and turns roads into slippery slush.
Spring is fighting for precedence yet, and those warm temperatures drop in the early morning
hours turning drips into icicles, and our road of slush into a toboggan hill.

On the mornings I wake to White Wonder I marvel all over again that I live here
and I'm okay that seed still lay dormant under cold earth.
I have seen the Spring
and I know that it will come again in due time.

Just LOOK at my boys!  They are loving it.  They run out in between chores
and school and I find them chasing snowflakes with their mouths wide open.
They call me to bring the camera
and I do.


Sally said...


Cinnamon said...

Helloooooooo! I have missed you Momma Bug!

Yes we would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to come. Can we swing it? Oh I hope so!!

And you stop by anytime, spring, summer, fall, winter....a-n-y-t-i-m-e! We'd LOVE to have you!

Our spring is sooo here. It's warm in the morning when I first get up and go into the kitchen. I pop the window open and don't even get a chill. We are loving it. I'm walking daily with a friend in this beautiful weather.

Praying the Lord will guide our paths together this year!


J said...

Them is some tall boys Analene!

Photo Momma said...

LOVE it!