Thursday, March 1, 2012

Terrible, Horrible, No good... WAIT. That's not the Title for this post!

It was my secret hope to see snow reach the deck rail this winter.

It obliged, I think, just for me!

Some people "back home" in the part of the country I was raised, think that snow = Brrr....
I know I've said this before, but what makes cold REALLY COLD is humidity.  Amazingly,
it's not usually that humid (more so than, say, Denver Colorado of course) and it's often
comfortable enough to run outside for five minutes without a jacket.
Snow is SO much more pleasant to walk out in than mud, driving wind, and bitter-cold rain.
Did I mention mud?
We do get a fair portion of mud around here before spring spreads its colors, but I have to
say that a season of beautiful, clean, white snow makes me forgive an awful lot of mud!

A few sick days cooped up indoors promotes a certain amount of mischief.
Teasing the cat, for instance.

Studious students.
I've been getting the kids assignments all lined out the night before so that they have the option of
starting in early if they want and finishing earlier in the day.  Clay managed it all by 11am today,
and rewarded himself with snow-play, and pocket-knife carving.

Susie and Zack too.
They are all becoming so big.  So grown up! More fabulous people every day!

You recognize this view?  The Teeter-Totter?

 This one just for fun.
My favorite person in the world and a heart.  Says it all.

Olivia is becoming a voracious reader.
Today she finished a book with a LOT of words - I thought it more advanced than her
current abilities could conquer, but I was mistaken.

This can of nuts was her selection from the prize basket :-)

Bryce has a growing fondness for camouflage. This is dad's hat (IF dad can get it back).

Today he informed me why he had been heading upstairs:
"I was going to get my camouflage chair, mom."

Of course. I should have guessed.

Princess Lori naps.  She naps twice a day overlapping with Bryce's nap inbetween,
so some days they don't see much of each other. It's a squeal of delight when they do though!
Becoming inseparable companions already. -Except during naps, that is.

Aloria's a trouper, sleeping through a lot of noise and rumble.
I appreciate how flexible every one of these children are as they share tight living quarters.

I love the snow days.  Even the middle-of-the-week school-day ones,
and this was no exception!


Courtney said...

My poor husband is sooo jealous!
We miss you and love ya!

Momma Bug said...

I thought he'd like all those snow pictures!
It's pretty wonderful :-)

Miss you back.

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful. Every inch of smiles and snow :-)


Mommy Reg said...

Love love love the snow! You are so right, it is the humidity/dampness that really makes you feel cold. :)

Momma Bug said...

I was thinking of YOU Jamie! I hope you can come enjoy the coziness of our wintery snows. One thing that makes it so great is being steps away from the warm indoors. None of this changing out of wet clothes on the mountain, then trying to thaw feet while the car heater is on full blast!

Diane said...


Diane said...

Ugh. I typed a long message and it didn't post! Missing you. Need to call soon. Been trying to keep my blog updated but need to post again since seeing my GI dr last week.

I have some camouflage fleece material I was planning to make a blanket with. Do you think Bryce might like his own blanket? I could make it and send it up. ;)

Momma Bug said...

I imagine camouflage fleece would be a big hit! :-D
Would welcome a call ANY time.

Love you!