Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today's Dose of Laughter

We've been reading the book of Acts together and today we finished the last chapter.
If you're not familiar with the Acts of the apostles, Paul writes of his shipwreck followed
by his adventures on the Island of Malta where he was bit by a poisonous Viper and yet lived. 
My kiddos were so disappointed to close that book, and Clayton asked:

"Did Paul's story end there because his journal got washed overboard?"

to which Zachary corrected:

"No Clay.  He wrote these things down later.  You can tell because otherwise it would end: 
'...and a big storm is coming...'"


Olivia's birthday is on Saturday and she's been counting down for the last three months.
You can tell that birthdays are highly celebrated around here because today she asked
if she would be allowed to open a couple of her gifts on "Birthday Eve."
Clearly birthdays are now elevated to Holiday status!


When I sit down in the evenings to read the Bugletts  written work, I often find myself
grinning from ear to ear.  Tonight I laughed until I cried when saw what Clay had written
in a letter to his great grandma:

"...what have you been doing lately?
I have been collecting gun shells.
I also have been making some illiteration........"

He is referring to one of his recent Creative Writing assignments
which was writing Alliteration. Haha!
One little letter...   It sure seems appropriate though :-D



Sally said...

Oh My!!! I did enjoy those wonderful comments--especially the one about Paul's Journal!!! Thanks for sharing and for giving me a "dose of laughter" too this morning1

Cinnamon said...

Doses of laughter - what a special memory! I'd love a book full of all my children's funny sayings.

It's been so long since we've chatted. I keep meaning to sneak a note into the mail to you but my eyes have been so very tired at night. Who knows maybe one will get to you soon.

miss you~ Cinnamon said...

ha ha ha!! cute!! guess where i'm living?!?! Next time you get to Bonners i am hoping you will come visit me :-)

Momma Bug said...

I'll come to Bonners JUST to see YOU friend!
Can't wait!