Saturday, June 14, 2008

Week #10

Titled: "PUFFY BEANS?"

I have been industrious.
While Emma has been been holding my computer hostage, I have been diligently sewing away!

"Sewing what?" you ask.

The napkins I already cut out?
The baby quilts I impulsively bought fabric for?
Zachary's quilt that needs quilting yet, or Clayton's quilt that is still in the planning stages?

I have been sewing bloomers.

Fun, sweet, darling, girlie bloomers which will help preserve a bit of feminine modesty!
I just love little girls in sweet little dresses and skirts, but it just takes the wind out of my sails to see those sweet little girls playing on a playground or sitting on the ground inspecting a hole in their sock exposing themselves to the world's scrutiny.
I prefer overalls to that!

Auntie Hannah mailed me this pattern, and in perfect timing, because I was about to get desperate and modify a pajama pattern.
I was pleased at how easy these were, and how fast they were to sew up (when I remembered to sew right sides together) ;-)

If anyone is interested, I might be able to post a picture of the pattern. I really think that someone like Eldest Daughter could duplicate it and be successful. It is only one piece times two.

I finished off mine with lace trim, and got creative with my polka dot ones!
I told the girls the trim was called pom-poms, and Susanna said "they're Puffy Beans!"
And here is a picture of the bloomers with Puffy Beans:-)

The girls wore their bloomers to church today, and when we got home they wanted to dress down.
In future, I may make this pattern in a tighter weave fabric so they aren't transparent should the girls want to wear them without a skirt.

One step at a time! (and as long as Emma keeps hogging my computer, I will have plenty of time for steps!)

They really are pretty cute by themselves, aren't they? (the bloomers, not my daughters - that goes without saying!)


Suzanne said...

That's all I can say- precious!!!!
Oh my goodness, they're so precious!

Mommy Reg said...

I really need to make some for my girls. They are really cute! (both the bloomers and the girls.) :D

The Diane Story said...


You should post the pattern if you can...I've got a friend who would love the pattern...I will send her to your blog!

Mother Hen said...

I love the knickers. That's what The Princess and I call hers. The short ones with elastic in the leg we call bloomers, but the longer ones for big girls we call knickers. Too cute! And now the girls can turn summer-salts and cart-wheels!

Faith Alterton said...

I love it! What an improvement on the dingy white bike shorts we used to use! Great idea Analene!

Momma Bug said...

Knickers... I like it!
Unfortunately, Mother Hen, they will have to learn their cartwheels from someone other than me - I never did get that down!
Summer-salts, I can do, cartwheels... no.
I've tried lots of other things too, Faith.

Bike shorts are better than nothing, but it's kind of nice to see those ruffled cuffs before anyone has to look too closely;-)

I'll try to post the pattern and steps - my version is not going to be for the perfectionist though!

Faith Alterton said...

Analene, have you ever tried the "Skirty" made by Amoretti Designs? (cut and paste, sorry)

One of the blogs wrote about them last year and they looked really neat. And a little pricey. Of course, it's all theoretical for US right now. :)

Momma Bug said...


I never saw a Skirty before tonight - how cute is THAT!
thanks for showing me. I'm certain you will have a chance to make plenty of bloomers yourself, so maybe you better stock up? You might not have as much time to sit down and make them by the time you are in need of them!! :-P

Faith Alterton said...

Oh Analene, DON'T tempt me!!! I can't tell you what kind of resolve it takes to walk past all the cute girl outfits on sale when I shop, let alone sewing goodies! I keep thinking maybe God is waiting to send us a girl until I have a house where I can decorate for her ... well, the thought gives me comfort at least! :)

I did wonder about sewing the bloomers with a knit fabric after seeing the skirty website though. Not sure how to work that one out. I know a serger is great for knits and I have a second-hand one, but have had trouble getting it to sew evenly. I worry about getting the lace to sit nicely too. I'm guessing I'll just have to email you and Hannah for help if ever we need them.


Suzanne said...

I just checked out that Amoretti website and I have one question: if we buy the clothes, do we get to live in that incredible English manor in the slide show?:)

Momma Bug said...

That could be nice!

Miss Olga said...

Momma Bug!
I must say i adore your blog- your children are charmingly adorable and i love the 'fun' in your writing. Your love for family and your kids is so evident- i believe that is why i cherish your blog so much and find my self checking back often enough.
These bloomers are so cute and i knew as soon as i saw the pictures that my sister would die to have some for her own girls. Any way of posting the pattern? or link to one? Thank you!