Thursday, June 12, 2008

Better Than Words

Darling sweet (wet) (...but clean!) sisters:-)

Wrinkled toes

Biggest brother - big enough now to pick Carolina up and bring her to Momma when she needs some momma-lovin'.


Ashley said...

Hi Analene! I have been visiting your blog for a while, ever scince I found out you had one. So I thought I should comment. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ashley. I am good friends with your 'lilest sis, Mattie Grace. You may remember me from 4th of July at the Smith's three years ago. Well, I just thought I should pop in! Tell Emma that Ashley from choir said hi!

Faith Alterton said...

Zachary is so grown up, Analene! What a blessing to have them big enough to help out that way!

Momma Bug said...

Hi Ashley! Glad you said hello:-)

Yes indeed! This just started, and I love it in the morning's when I haven't pried my eyes open yet:-)
I think Carolina is getting a little less breakable, and Zachary more strong, but I still have to turn the other way sometimes;-)
I prefer that the children have access to each other in ways that they are able to enjoy each other, so am glad to see the brotherly love - even when it wracks my nerves a little!

2homeschool said...

Great pictures my dear.