Thursday, June 5, 2008

She Stole My Spinach!

She did - REALLY!
Mrs. Smith stole my idea of buying loose leaf spinach and using it for salads instead of salad mix.
(this is only applicable to those of us without gardens, I suppose).
I never knew she "stole" my idea until I joined her for dinner on night and she served a spinach salad with the main dish! (she actually apologized for "stealing" my idea!)
My children seemed to like her salad much better than mine though; it had walnuts, avocados, and cranberries. Mmmm!

In all fairness, I stole her snap peas.
Yep, you heard right!
Here I was buying prepackaged carrots, prepackaged spinach, and I never noticed the snap peas!
One evening while Mrs. Smith and Greta were here she brought a bag of snap peas that were oh so sweet, and we munched away at them while we watched a movie.

I found them at Costco for reasonable (compared to grocery store prices), and I like Costco prepackaged veggies because they are often organic, and you get a lot for a little.

So anyway, if you need a tip for lightening up your dinner menue, you can steal my spinach if you want.
Or for that matter, even Mrs. Smith's peas!


2homeschool said...


Suzanne said...

Uh... hate to burst your bubble, but the spinach was actually MY idea.

You are not guilty of stealing, however, since you had no way of knowing that I invented it all by my little self- me and me alone :P

love you!

Momma Bug said...

Uh-oh, did you just throw down the gauntlet?
Now I will be forced to determine exactly what nifty idea is unique only to me!
I can't believe I stole YOUR spinach before Mrs. Smith stole mine!!

Well.. at least I POSTED it first!!!

Love you back!

Proud mommy of four said...

I hope that you do not mind me leaving a message even though we do not know each other. I had seen your blog from Healthers site.
What a great idea using bagged spinach instead of bagged lettuce. It reminds me of a salad I got when in a resteraunt a few years back, (raw baby spinach leaves, manderin orange segments, almonds, cucumber, grilled chicken, and honey djon dressing) I hope that you dont mind that I steal this recipe ~whoever thought of it first. (LOL)

Mommy Reg said...

My mom in law's favorite salad to make is spinach, tomato and red onion splashed with Italian dressing.
I didn't realize Costco has prepackaged peas... I have to get those next time I am there. I love peas. yummmmmm.... Oh, just so you know, their are more nutrients available for absorption in cooked spinach than raw. The cooking process breaks down the cell walls so the nutrients to escape. My fav way to have spinach is steamed to the point of just being wilted with a splash of lemon juice and a dash of salt. Okay now I am hungry - lol.

Momma Bug said...

Ooh ooh ooh!
You both are making my mouth water!

Joy, thank you for coming by - I have been enjoying your family through Heather's blog too (she's the BEST isn't she?!! ;-))

I am so glad to have some new inspiration for my salads so thanks a million!

Now Jamie. I did not know that. Thank you very much!
I DID know that spinach has more calcium per serving than milk!

I do like cooked spinach - only with butter and a splash of red wine vinegar! Yum is right!

There is one thing though...
I don't think anyone in THIS family will eat my salad if I COOK it first! ;-P

Mommy Reg said...

Haha cooked salad - you're right that doesn't sound appetizing at all.
I made steamed spinach tonight and thought of you. :)