Monday, June 9, 2008

I Am Here!

Yes I am!

Just having too much fun playing with Emma to write, though I have dozens of things to talk about.

Such as: Zachary's plans to build an army of robots to protect us against a Chinese invasion (?)

and Carolina's first tooth (an unhappy last few days)

Our Idaho adventures (looking at property there)

Tucking in the children at bed time (the saga continues)

slumber parties,

park excursions,

Plans to make lip balm,

One week of school left to finish the years requirements (yippee!)

Tonight my beloved arrived home. He'll be here until I drop him off at the airport tomorrow evening (one last week of travel!).
We had a neat family join us for dinner tonight, and had a nice time. They are heading to Missouri to home-stead, and it is just lovely to meet people with a vision similar to our own!
Here is some of our two crews (minus two) eating dinner on the patio.

I am just plain lazy. There's no nicer word for it! I like to send the children out to the patio to eat when the weather is nice, so I don't have to clean so much after -especially when th meal includes rice. You know how sticky that stuff is! Most of us have probably experienced getting a piece of fallen rice stuck between our toes.
Speaking for myself, I don't appreciate that sensation!!

Anyhow, AJ is talking shop with his brother right now, but I'm about to hog him back:-)
Hopefully I'll get back to my faithful friends here soon!



The Diane Story said...

I've missed your blogs Analene. Sounds like some good times though! Hope you have a great week.

2homeschool said...

I understand the feeling. I hand out frozen popsicles (juice frozen in paper cups with popsicle sticks in it) on the condition they eat them outside and wash their hands in the hose before coming back in! Works fairly well.

I don't do juice on the lenolium very well.

Hope your day went well,



Mommy Reg said...

Sounds fun. You are such a great mommy!