Friday, June 6, 2008

Week # 9

Being a good keeper of the home means looking well to the ways of your family's health.

Here is one of our natural remedies that pulled through once again, and recently saved my bacon:


Here's my Testimony

You may remember a couple weeks ago while my husband was out of town, we ended up with half the family in ear infections and a cold-flu?

I (and the other half of my family) took roughly 15-20 drops (which was just a decent squirt) in liquid once to twice daily and didn't get sick.

Honestly I was amazed, and think I can safely say that apart from the gracious healing hand of God, this stuff was what kept us well.
That is also coming from someone who's immune system is pretty low because of nursing a baby through the night!

This stuff taste's amazingly terrible - literally, you don't want it to stay on your taste buds!!
Get it to the back of your mouth and swallow quickly.
You can buy GSE in pill form, but I feel that my body can put the liquid to work much faster.

For children: I recommend putting a couple drops into a small spoon-full of applesauce.
encourage them to swallow it quickly and offer another bite of applesauce or
something to wash it down with afterwards.

For Adults: Add liquid GSE to a swallow of grape juice. You probably won't want it mixed in with a whole glass :-)
Save that for after you're done with your swallow.
Water works, but beware of a pucker that lasts at least ten minutes if you do it in water!! :o*

Here's a link that is very informative:
Read up on GSE and it's amazing qualities yourself and let me know if you might become a convert!


2homeschool said...

I crush up the pills and put it in applesause for the little ones. I have found brand makes a differance in how well the pills work... I use NutriBiotic.


Momma Bug said...

That's the only kind I buy.
I don't know if you've used the liquid, but what you see on my blog is Nutri Biotic.
I often use the pill form for AJ - I like the one with echinacia in it too.
I'm deciding to switch to liquid also for the fact that there are a zillion other uses for it.
Since it kills bacteria, you can purify water with it, and wash your produce.
Did you check out that link?
I printed off a ton of the pages from that site - very cool to read!

In fact, I just ordered (and received) a quart of it! It was more cost effective than buying lots of the little bottles if, of course, you are going to go through lots of it.
That goes back to the survival preparedness we've been talking about.
I'm sure we'll use it eventually regardless.:-)

2homeschool said...

my goodness, I can't get 15 drops down, a quart seems like enough to kill someone.


Momma Bug said...


You don't take the quart all at once!!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

I know...It is GREAT...Nick and I have and use that stuff when we need to... Once Nick was away and I got NO SMALL CASE OF A SORE THROAT!!!! For real...I knew it must be strept and was thinking to go into a Dr. Instead of try to wait it out...Nick reminded me to gargle with a few drops of GSE... I can't do salt water to save my life, so even though it is not fun I did (I have drank the stuff, but at this point never gargled with it like nick had) well I did this through the day around three or more times, and by the end of the day I had caught it fast enough and done it asap enough...that the sore throat was GONE...I mean GONE...DONE...COOOOLLLLL!!!! =) God gave us sooo many natural ways to do things that are sooo much better then any medicine a Doc can give (I bleieve) if we are willing to take the time to LEARN them. =) Thanks GOD!!! =)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks God indeed!

I'm glad to hear your voice Molly!
(I CAN hear your voice you know, when you comment in so many caps and exclamation points;-P

I love you!