Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Be Alarmed...

...Even if I was!

I saw two glowing eyes staring back at me from the woods the other night when I went out to use the "bathroom" before bed.

First I heard some twigs snapping in the woods.
In the silence.
In the dark.

That is when my heart began to beat real fast as my walking pace quickened.
The port-a-potty is 100 feet from the house.
(and its flimsy walls don't offer much comfort of protection from the unknown! - It's funny how a good a closing door is you friend, even when it's made out of plastic!)

I'm getting used to it now.
I avoid looking into the dark because I don't wish to see what is watching me.
AJ met a moose face to face when he was working down by the creek recently.
And last night when we went out it was a deer. I'm not afraid of a deer - even in the dark. I was bold enough to stare her down until she blithely skipped off into the blackness of the deeper thicket.

Bears on the other hand, don't "skip blithely".
At least I don't think they do. Do they Rebekah? Kelly?
I hope never to find out, but I know it's just a matter of time.
Hopefully I will learn the ways and habits of bears after the toilet is IN the house; and If I see one, I hope it's from the comfort of my car, or my deck that's 12 feet in the air - doesn't that sound like a perfectly reasonable hope?

Until then, my main method is that of offense:
Singing as loud as I can!

I figure all the woodland creatures will be more afraid of me than I am of them, if they hear me sing!
Hmm... Come to think of it, I haven't seen myself in a mirror lately, it could be that I am a sight worthy of scaring off even a BEAR!
Is it possible that not bathing regularly could have an upside:-)
It could save my life!!!


Diane said...

I honestly can't imagine not having indoor plumbing. You are a brave woman Analene. I am glad it was only a dear and not a bear! Your stories are always fun to read though!

Photo Momma said...

Singing is the way to go :) We always made lots of noise when we went out huckleberry picking so the bears would know we were there and stay away.